Annina Collier introduces Zentangle drawing technique

Zentangle drawing is a new hobbyist art quickly growing in popularity in the United States.

Annina Collier, dean of the Tulsa Community College (TCC) Center for Creativity, presented the abstract ink and pencil on paper drawing technique to the audience at the Center for Creativity.

“Zentangle is a great mind activity, a way to create fun, relaxing, and creative mindfulness,” Collier said.

“Elements of Zentangles are always black and white,” she continued. “There are no mistakes or erasing in Zentangle drawings, just opportunities.”

“Zentangle art has a lot of organic motifs and does not require preplanned sketches,” Collier stressed. “It helps to eliminate eternal critic.”

The dean showed how to draw spiral Zentangles in three easy steps.

These are samples of Zentangle ink on paper art done by TCC students.

First, someone has to draw spirals with a pen and without a sketching. Repetition of the spirals creates a pattern.

The second step is shading to give the pattern a three-dimensional look.

Third, the shapes overlapping must be done by filling negative spaces with a black marker and shading negative spaces with a pencil.

Many Zentangle patterns could be found on Google, such as a “basket weave,” “doodling,” or a “circle within a circle.”

Collier stated, “Huge communities do Zentangles in Tulsa and some people meet to share ideas at a public library.”

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