“Dare to Care” offers information and links to volunteer opportunities

The third annual “Dare to Care” Volunteer Recruitment Fair was held on Aug. 27, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity. Cindy Armstrong, program manager and George Kaiser Endowed Chair for the Center for Creativity, was excited about the event.

Dare to Care is an opportunity for students to match their interests with local organizations to volunteer.

“Well, basically, I started  with a list of organizations that were affiliated with the Tulsa Achieves volunteers,” Armstrong said.

   She said Dare to Care has grown over the years because of the increased interest of area organizations, such as the Gathering Place and Girl Scouts of America.

   Armstrong’s first step is to send an e-mail to the volunteer organizations explaining the event and how it can benefit our students, the organizations and the community.

   “This year, we filled up (with a list of volunteer organizations) in about four days,” Armstrong says.

Cindy Armstrong, program manager and George Kaiser Endowed Chair for the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity, leads the Dare to Care program at the college.

   She said that The Center for Creativity has a waiting list of organizations that want to participate, but due to the room capacity must be waitlisted.

   “We have a lot, … over two dozen,” she said. “(One) that might catch the attention of the readers is the Gathering Place.”

   The Gathering Place is looking for people to help with events and education(al) (activities). Other participants will be The Living Arts of Tulsa, Oklahoma Aquarium, Oklahoma Blood Institute, Reading Partners, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, Up With Trees and Oklahomans for Equality among others.

   Timothy Fernandez, director of the Tulsa Achieves program, said that the Dare to Care is meant to pair local volunteer agencies with Tulsa Community College students to help    further their college experience.

“The Gathering Place is looking for people to help with events and education(al) (activities).”

  Fernandez said that Tulsa Achieves’ students will be given two hours of volunteer service for attending the fair and signing up to join an agency.

Armstrong said that the hours served volunteering can go toward the Tulsa Achieves program requirements for service learning.

   TCC Service Learning was available at the event to check-in students to record their hours attending the fair.

   They will also be helping students get the most out of the volunteer experience whether students want to volunteer for their major or as part of their degree plan or they are just interested in getting involved with a local organization.

   Students could receive up  to one credit hour for participating and volunteering with a nonprofit in the community.

   Armstrong said that the great thing about this event is that students will get to meet the people in person at the different organizations at TCC.

   There will be over two dozen agencies represented that students can discover which ones are a good fit for their experiences.

   The Dare to Care program will offer all kinds of opportunities to get involved in the Tulsa community.

   The event is free and open to the public.

   For more information, contact cindy.armstrong@tulsacc.edu.