Gigantic stone balls in western Kazakhstan remain a mystery

Egyptian pyramids, Easter Island statues, and Stonehenge in England are mysterious structures because nobody knows how ancient engineers built them without modern equipment.

The Valley of Balls in the Mangistau region of western Kazakhstan (Republic of the former Soviet Union) is covered with an even bigger cloud of mystery than the mentioned man-created stone structures.

The Valley of Balls is a large group of rock spheres located in the middle of a desert. Many balls are well-rounded and huge, with the height of an adult.

The other stones are in the shape of mushrooms and UFOs.

A theory suggests that the rocks are formed from sand and clay.

Within the last 250 years, scientists have tried to uncover the secrets of the ball-like rock formations.

One of the theories states that the balls are sedimentary (sand and clay) rocks with the remains of animals which formed the nucleus gradually covered in layers.

Another version states that electric discharge in the earth’s crust during tectonic activity led to the appearance of the balls.

A third theory suggests that the spherical rock formations used to be an ancient sea and the rocks were rounded with wave movement.

Many rock balls in the valley are perfectly rounded.

Few people believe that the mysterious spherical rocks in the semi-desert of western Kazakhstan are the result of interference by beings superior to humans, or aliens.

Access to the Valley of Balls is difficult. There is no public transportation to that place except a taxi.

During the Soviet era, the Valley of Balls was not widely open to the public as a tourist destination in comparison to other places in Kazakhstan, such as the pine forest resort Borovoye in the north or Lake Dzhesybie in the center of the country. It seems the Communist authorities were afraid to allow easy access to the valley for unknown reasons.

Other well-rounded large size rocks, similar to the Valley of Balls, are the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand and the Bowling Ball Beach in California.