Lydia Alpert, Former Student Government Director of Communications, shares her experience with SGA

Meet Lydia Alpert,

Director of Communications and member of one of the most recognized groups at Tulsa Community College,  the Student Government Association. A major  voice for the student body. The students are some of the most optimistic, passionate, ambitious, and community-oriented members on all four campuses. 

Providing a network of communication and connection on behalf of the students, organizations, and administration serves as the main goal for the organization. SGA is the hub of event coordination and idea development.

Alpert was introduced to SGA while serving as the chair of representative for the Metro Activity Board. She began attending SGA meetings regularly during the fall of 2017.

As she attended the meetings, she found she enjoyed hearing about the changes and ways the school was improving. She joined and began serving the student body, hosting events, and brainstorming ideas. She soon rose to become the Director of Communications by majority in May 2018.

Lydia graduated this spring and plans to pursue a degree in Interior Design with a minor in architecture.

One of her favorite experiences was the EmpowHer conference. Women of leadership and influence were invited to speak on a range of topics involving the day-to -day challenges women face.

“Probably one of my favorite experiences was the EmpowHer conference SGA threw last in the fall of 2018 where we had many intelligent and courageous women come and tell us about their experiences and share their knowledge of how to deal with daily situations,” Alpert said.

Her SGA experience did have challenges. Meetings were extended over summer break and that meant a smaller turnout of students. There were not very many ideas and students were challenged to compensate for the smaller numbers.

“We didn’t have as wide a variety of ideas and often took longer when brainstorming and making decisions,” Alpert shared.

Never short of interactions, SGA students are strongly connected by community. Overtime relationships are built and developed on experiences.

“We learned so much, not only about each other, but also our wonderful advisors and definitely had a few laughs!”

The strongest bonds are built through experience. Some of the best experiences were hosting events for the student body and the opportunity to be a part of the major leadership retreats.

As a student, there is no doubt the organization will develop the leadership capacity, work ethic, and preparation need to succeed.

“Time is precious,” Alpert said, “since we only meet for one hour every two weeks, we map out how much time each topic or person is allowed to stay within the   meeting time.” Communications determines success.

“Communication outside of meetings is necessary to get things done. Always check your email and positivity is always appreciated.”

Opinions are hard to manage with so many students. How does one do it?

“Whenever discussing opinions, always be accepting of others ideas. Don’t shoot them down. Without accepting everybody’s views, we would never reach a consensus,” Alpert said. And lastly, one of the most important skills Alpert said was order.

A major challenge everyone faces is time management. Conducting events requires precision and discipline.

“Without order there is chaos.” Order ties all efforts and makes the experiences made worth having.

As the Director of Communications, her efforts and contribution in the SGA has not only made her TCC experience valuable, but will serve her well on her resume and transcript. College is more than pursuing an education, it is pursuing growth in every aspect. Organizations like SGA build broader perspective by exposing students to diversity and opportunity to meet many people.

“SGA definitely helped with my team building skills and created more opportunities to meet amazing people!”

She is transferring to Judson University in Elgin, Ill. to finish her bachelor’s degree in interior design with a minor in architecture. Not only will her involvement and accomplishments look great on her resume but provided priceless life skills. These skills involve responsibility,

communication, event management, team work,  organization, and relationship skills that will serve her well in her career.

Bitania Solomon

Bitania Solomon is the Editor - Northeast Campus for the TCC Connection. You can reach her via her e-mail: