Meet the staff

Our Award-Winning members

Jerry Goodwin

Faculty Adviser and Editor

Sam Levrault

Assistant Managing Editor/ Podcast Director / Web Master

Trent Gleason

Editor - Southeast Campus

Tyrus Grooms

Associate Editor - Southeast Campus

Rabyne Eckstein-Shirley

Associate Editor - Metro Campus

Abbigail Dean

Office Manager

Kat Pacian

Associate Editor - Northeast Campus

Jake White

Managing Editor

Bethany Solomon

Editor - Northeast Campus / Associate Web Editor

Tatyana Nyborg

Editor - Metro Campus

Terizah West

Associate Editor - West

Gabrielle Farringer

Business Manager/Social Media Coordinator

Anna Fuhrmeister


Next Steps...

If interested in joining The TCC Connection staff please join us at one of our weekly Monday meetings at the Center for Creativity Room 3028.