REVIEW: TCC’s Week of the Young Child

On Saturday, April 21st, the Tulsa Community College West Campus hosted their annual family fun fair. This year, the event was held in the TCC West Campus Student Union where TCC and many other organizations came together to help celebrate the National Association of the Young Children’s “week of the young child.”

Throughout the indoor fair was a multitude of student organizations, colleges, daycare establishments, and entertainment vendors with different hands-on activities for the children to participate as the parents received the information.
There were a plethora of fun-filled things to partake in such as silly photo booth fun, planting seeds, catching rubber duckies, and even arts and crafts. Regardless of age, everyone attending the fair had something to entertain them, even the senior citizens joined in with the Zumba instructor to promote health and fitness.

Aside from all of the excitement, the fun fair also provided information for parents, which initially seemed to be the ultimate goal. Tons of organizations helped to educate parents and guardians of Tulsa and the surrounding areas, making them more aware of the various resources available throughout the community, concerning their children and household. Amongst the multiple vendors were Oklahoma University, Tulsa Educare, the Caring Van, the Tulsa City Library, and many more. There was information for child care options, summer activities, book giveaways, and even different degree options for parents considering continuing their own education.

One of the most significant resources provided was the Oklahoma Caring Van, whom were providing free immunizations to children regardless if the child had health coverage or not. Apparently, the van travels to locations with masses of children such as licensed child care centers, schools and community locations statewide. Amy Pulliam, Manager of the Tulsa District Caring Van, goes on to explain, “We just want to protect children by preventing dangerous illnesses with little to no cost to their family. We strive to eliminate the barriers that often times prevent children from receiving their immunizations on-time.”

The organization is funded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and provides not only immunizations, but free health benefits as well!

This is an incredible resource known as the Caring Program for Children, available, but not limited to, families that are unable to provide health benefits for their children. To obtain more information about the organization and the services that they provide, visit their website at

If you were unable to attend TCC’s own “Week of the Young Child” event, be sure to catch the family fun fair next year, which will be held in conjunction with the National Week of the Young Child. Grab the family and head out to our TCC West Campus to enjoy some family fun time and to be introduced to the resources that have become available throughout the year within the community.