Student Life kicks off fall semester events

The fall semester at Tulsa Community College is here and exciting events are hosted by Student Life. “Some of these events we’ve been working for a year even in programming for,” Jon Herring, assistant director of Student Life said. “For some events because they are so large, we will literally start a year in advance.” Herring oversees the programming side of Student Life.

These events include the annual Paint the Zoo Blue, a free welcome back night at the Tulsa Zoo. Herring said that some events that Student Life hosts are repeat ones that worked well in the past. Herring went on to say that Student Life starts planning fall programming immediately following May graduation. Student Life meets to see what worked in the past and what can be improved upon. He and his staff are planning for the upcoming year.

“A lot of our ideas come from previous events that we’ve done, that we know that were really successful, that we know the students love, that are very educational for the students and help the students grow socially and have that sense of belonging and feeling on campus,” Herring said.

“Also we do a lot of programming that is college-wide, and when I say that, it means all four campuses and the Student Life offices are doing a very similar event. For example, the second week of school, we are all doing a big welcome party because we want students to know this is a place they belong, this is where they are and they’re here, we want them to feel a part of the community; of the TCC Community,” Herring said.

Student Life gets the ideas for programming from other TCC campuses and other local universities.

The organization also draw ideas from national events and holidays that allow students to be able to participate and get the most out of the campus experience.

Student Life also try to plan wellness events to encourage TCC students to take care of their physical and mental health during their time in college. It is all about helping students grow during their time at Tulsa Community College.

Herring said that various events are campus-wide.   “Yes, every month we try to do at least Two programs that are college wide whether that be showing a certain movie, a wellness type educational movie, or like the big welcome party that we have, “Paint the Zoo Blue,” Herring said.

In September, Student Life will be featuring Constitution Day and voter registration.         

Metro Campus features many Lunch and Learn series with campus speakers for students to connect with them. Each campus features programming specific to its campus community and the majors offered there. West Campus offers WestFest and the Northeast and Southeast feature events that cater to their own campus needs.

 Herring said that in February, Metro Campus will feature Global Fest because that is the event’s homebase.

“Anything Student Life does, always free,” when asked about the cost of admission. Student Life want the students to feel welcome and do not charge for any of the programming. The funding for these events come from the Student Activities Fee that all students pay.

Jon Herring, assistant director of Student Life and An’Nissa Davis, coordinator for Student Life.

Herring said that there is programming which has not been announced yet.

“Some of the events are still in the building stage.” Some events come to fruition and some do not, but Student Life does not want the events to conflict with events that Tulsa Community College plans. This can happen if The Commons, which typically hosts many events gets booked and student life chooses another date. Student Life are working with Campus Response Team in October to bring awareness to red flags in dating relationships.