Student’s Profile: The Connection staff member, Gabbie Farringer, reaches success despite a disability

Anna Gabrielle Farringer, or Gabbie, is one of those co-workers who makes your day brighter. Every time someone comes in the office, she asks, “How was your day or weekend?”

Farringer really cares and is interested in the lives of other people. That was my first impression about her.

Later, I learned that Farinnger has a disability, epilepsy, which limits her driving and other activities.

I also admired that in the past, Farringer earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a minor in Marketing Communications at the University of Tulsa (TU).

She worked at home for 10 years as a contributing writer for various online web sites, such as the Associated Content, Venere Blog, and Helium.

But Farringer felt that a role of a housewife working from her home was not exactly for her. In 2018, she came back to the Tulsa Community College (TCC) Connection and started taking classes.

“I was a staff writer at The TU Collegian, and before that, a business manager at the TCC Connection in 1998,” she says.

“I started working at the TCC Connection under Alan Weintraub and Greg Stone (currently, TCC Southeast Campus provost),” Farringer remembers.

Returning to TCC, Farringer has begun pursuing an Associate of Arts in Strategic Communications, an Associate of Applied Sciences in Digital Media, and an Associate of Arts in World Languages (Japanese Option) degrees.

It is difficult for people with a bachelor’s degree to receive financial aid for college. It didn’t scare Farringer. She applied for numerous scholarships and was awarded with the “Pamela McGowan Disability Resource Scholarship”, which is given to students with disabilities who have achieved academic excellence.

At the TCC Connection, we were so happy to hear about Farringer’s success. But it was not the end of it.

Later, she told us about getting a part-time job at the Gathering Place in Tulsa.

“How I got the job at The Gathering Place is a funny story,” she says. “It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.”

“I was at work at the TCC Connection on a Thursday in February and the African American Student Alliance was hosting weekly meetings with members of the community,” Farringer continues.

“That day, Tony Moore, executive director of The Gathering Place, was there,” she says.

“Before the event, I met him and the vice president of marketing, Katie Bullock,”

 Farringer describes. “I just introduced myself and told them where I worked and what I studied.”

“Shortly afterwards, an application for a volunteer position I put in for weeks before was approved,” she says.

“I volunteered in the operations and festivals department of The Gathering Place for five months, including events, such as Rock the Block at Guthrie Green,” Farringer states.

“Then, I received a call to come in for an interview for an Operations Host I position. On a Monday morning, I got the call I was in,” Gabbie concludes.

Farringer’s dream is to work for the Gathering Place, while she is at TCC and later to complete a second bachelor’s degree at Oral Roberts University.

“My dream job is to be a sports broadcaster and community relations manager for wrestling promotions,” she says.

While on her journey to the desirable jobs, Farringer enjoys her hobbies, such as cooking, watching wrestling (WWE), and organizing her planner.

“I also love anything Disney and enjoy traveling there yearly,” she says.