TCC Connection is recognized during the 2017-2018 awards season

Every year, Tulsa Community College’s student newspaper, The Connection, participates in a number of contests with the goal of taking home as many awards as possible. The current staff members have followed up the winners of the past by gaining some recognition themselves.

Jerry Goodwin, assistant professor in journalism and mass communication, and faculty advisor of 11 years for the The Connection, commented on the newspaper’s achievements, saying that the students have “won consistently,” dating as far back as when Goodwin fi rst became involved with the publication.

The newspaper staff submitted stories to three contests this season: the Great Plains Journalism Awards, which accepts submissions from eight states – Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and North Dakota and South Dakota; Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association (OCMA), which accepts submissions from any two- or four-year Oklahoma higher education institution; and, the Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

Here are the students that fi nished as fi nalists and awardwinners in all three contests:

Great Plains

• Zach Redwood (previous managing editor) and Monique Moore (Editor – West Campus) were finalists in the Student Broadcasting category.


• First, second, and third place were taken by Tatyana Nyborg (Editor – Metro Campus) in the Columns category.

• Second place was taken by Tatyana Nyborg in the Enterprise & Investigative Reporting category.
• First place was taken by Dylan Axsom (Associate Editor – West Campus) in the Feature Writing category.

• First place was taken by Camille Rutherford (previously Editor – Southeast Campus) in the General News Writing category.

• First place was taken by Madeline Wells (Associate Editor – Northeast Campus) in the Reviews category.

• First and third place were taken by Dylan Axsom in the Sports Reporting category; second place was taken by Zach Redwood.

• Second place was taken by Monique Moore in the Feature Photography category. • First place was taken by Zach Redwood in the Sports Photography category. SPJ

• Tatyana Nyborg was a finalist in the Columns category. In addition to the contests, newspaper staff members have attended a number of conferences in the 2017-2018 season, including the National Association of Black Journalists conference in Atlanta, and the OCMA conference in Stillwater.

“I’ve been very excited and could not be any more pleased with the level of recognition that our newspaper staff has received for the quality and the significance of the work that they have produced,” says Professor Goodwin. “We’ve just been very fortunate that we’ve had an opportunity to train our students to cover a broad range of topics that have, in some way, prepared them for greater opportunities.”

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