A look at Tulsa’s very first food hall, The Mother Road Market

Route 66 recently welcomed The Mother Road Market this winter. An iconic food hall that presents dining options from Tulsa’s best entrepreneurs. This new spot is Tulsa’s first trendy and high-energy food hall.  A mix of culinary businesses, entrepreneurship opportunity, and packed with an array of exotic food, there is something for everyone. The new frenzy has proven an opportunity that decreases barriers for local aspiring entrepreneurs and restaurants. Local entrepreneurs have the chance to impress the community with new sizzling creations.

The320-square-foot, small-shop model also houses events for everyone. Music nights, workshops, conferences, and cooking lessons are all open to the public. The Mother Road Market stands on the corner of 11th Street and Lewis surrounded by brick walls and creative art with giant yellow arrows that cannot be missed. Visit the website for upcoming events. (www.motherroadmarket.com).

Food rules without a doubt. Mother Road Market offers a wide array of new food concepts for eager eaters. Crafted for the health-conscious shopper who appreciates farm-grown produce, The Farm Stand is located by The Farmers Market and allows customers to shop whole and organic produce at affordable prices. Regular organic produce is expensive, but The Farm Stand offers exceptionally high-quality produce at lower costs.

The adventurous should keep an eye out for The Kitchen 66 Takeover Café. This dynamic kitchen takes on an exciting twist with each new retailer. A wide choice of dishes come from the rotating mix of Tulsa’s best entrepreneurs and restaurant owners. Expect new experiences every time. Tired of the same-old, same-old? Try something new. It is worth the venture! If you are plagued by sugar cravings, keep an eye out for The Cookie Monster. Loaded with a variety of assorted cookies, freshness is priority. These cookies are baked daily and served fresh. Free of cheap ingredients and topped with home-made icing.

Umami fries have irresistible combinations and give you the freedom to customize your favorites. Options include bulgogi beef, chicken, and kimchi. Perfectly sliced French fries, these wedges are cut 1/4 inches and specially baked in house. Try unique add-on options like eggs and the very strawberry sauce. For the BBQ fanatics out there, OK Joe’s serves championship-caliber BBQ dishes on the spot. This loved establishment has won over 300 cooking titles. If that does not sell, what does.

Do not forget the discounts. Flight nights are once a week. These special Wednesdays last from 5p.m.-9.pm. every week. All merchants will offer a special of one item from their menu for just $3. During the warmer months, live music will fill the atmosphere. Until then, mark your calendars. There is more. Other events include live music nights, 1970s trivia game nights, food and wellness talks, and Legislative kick-off celebrating women’s accomplishments in office. You can visit the website for more information on event dates.

“Mother Road Market embodies so many things that are deeply personal to our family, the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation and the rich-history of Route 66,” said LTFF founding board member, Kathy Taylor. Created by a family who wanted to present low-risk options for entrepreneurs, it provides a great opportunity for business owners to engage with the on new dine-out options. It is a win-win.

Bitania Solomon

Bitania Solomon is the Editor - Northeast Campus for the TCC Connection. You can reach her via her e-mail: bitania.solomon@tulsacc.edu.