Catch up on campus-wide events through TCC’s new events app

With so much going on and all four campuses buzzing with activity, what is the best way to keep track of them all?

Tulsa Community College has recently produced a new events app that can be downloaded directly to all smartphones. Technology is advancing and students are busier than ever. Developing apps that save time proves valuable for all.

The events are listed on the home page of the app. Events from all four campuses are organized according to the date. The closest dates will be found at the top. Later events are listed towards the bottom.

The application has several positive factors. There are no glitches and it runs smoothly. No ads are present and navigation is simple.

On the home page, the events are organized and listed in order.  The panel on the top left corner lists the different campus for campus specific searches.

Not many event applications give you an option to tag specific searches. This narrows the search down significantly and saves time.

Navigating through the different campus specific searches one would quickly find an imbalance. Some campuses post more frequently than others. At this point, not every campus is posting at the same rate. Although the level of activity plays a factor, management can be improved.

Information on each event is limited. Some events have links to the website, and some do not. It depends on the event. For prospective students searching for opportunities to attend an event, it can make it difficult to know exactly what that event entails.

Student surveys have revealed that TCC students would love to have a section coordinated into the app focusing on student organizations. Student organizations seem to be under the radar to students attending classes. It would be a great way to gain more exposure for student groups to inform others about the groups available.

The app serves as a time efficient way to keep up to date with events. 

Students can connect to events from all four campuse. This app  makes it easier to notify and engage students with campus activities.  

Bitania Solomon

Bitania Solomon is the Editor - Northeast Campus for the TCC Connection. You can reach her via her e-mail: