Hoarseman and The Odyssey Bands Sound Off on Musical Beginnings and Futures

The Odyssey: Cobey Brown (l) and Derek Johnson of The Odyssey explain the process behind summer plans for shows.

On June 25, light musical tones and melodic strums could be heard throughout the hallways at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity.

The TCC Connection office provided a stage for local bands, Hoarseman, and The Odyssey. Quinton Hoagland aka Hoarseman, of Hoarseman and the Heard, and Cobey Brown and Derek Johnson of The Odyssey stopped by the office to record a special concert preview episode for the podcast, including a full interview with podcast host, Sam Levrault, and various acoustic performances. 

An excerpt from the interview follows.

Sam: Back to improv [in reference to Hoagland’s participation in the improv troupe at Tulsa Community College], I was going to ask, does that help with stage presence?… because we [motions to Cobey] … talked about how it can be sometimes hard to have a stage presence, but does that help, having that experience?

Quinton: Oh yeah, that and performing on stage forever also helps a lot. Because I think the biggest difference between, like, Hoarseman and the last band I was in, was I’m not necessarily confined by holding a guitar all the time. And, as soon as we can start building up the Heard [band] even more, to the point where we have, like, two guitarists, I won’t have to use the guitar very much at all, which I think will free up a lot of crowd interactions… I think it’s one thing that’s hard for people to come to grip with, is that… no one inherently cares about your music. You have to make them care. Because, you know, as much as we want to sit back and wait to get famous, you have to really put in the effort. [Turns to The Odyssey] That’s one thing I really respect about you guys, too, is that you guys really, really hustle, you know… I think bands that really push their stuff end up having a better chance of getting it out there.

“… no one inherently cares about your music. You have to make them care.”

S: Yeah, you [The Odyssey] are on top of it. I gotta say. You’re always doing something. 

Cobey: [laughs] Thank you.  

S: … First of all, I want to recap your last show here in Tulsa, which, was the Vanguard show in May?

C: Yeah, it was.

S: Because you had Kinda Collective and Little King, but Quinton, you also subbed in for bass for them real quick.

Q: I did.

S: I’ve got to say, that was an awesome supportive move.

C: It was sweet.

S: So, with the summer since you do not have as many local shows right now, you are doing more out of town shows. How has that been? Is that intentional?

C: Yeah, absolutely. Over the school year we were limited to weekends and obviously sometimes Friday depending on if Derek had classes. But, he’d still be down here every weekend because we had something going on. So, that limited us a lot.

Over the summer I was going to try to set up a tour, just a Midwest tour, and I couldn’t get dates to match up evenly enough for it to be a consistent trip. I just started booking random, [gestures], “We’ll go here, we’ll go here, blah, blah, blah…”

Next month we’re going to be going to Norman and then we might have a couple acoustic Tulsa shows and then just little stuff like that. Here and there, it was definitely on purpose just… since I knew we’d have time. Just kind of tried to start getting contacts over the summer.

S: Does that help having those contacts? Does it lead to more opportunities?

C: Absolutely, yeah, so, so far since we’ve played shows out of town the thing I focus on most, aside from performing well, is meeting people who work there and meeting the band. And, we’ve been able to go back, like, repeatedly to certain places because of that now, so… you know, that’s really helpful. 

For the full interview including a preview for The End of Summer Bash, hosted at The Vanguard on Aug. 9, visit the TCC Connection website for the podcast (also available through iTunes) in addition to videos of exclusive acoustic performances from both Hoarseman and The Odyssey.

To keep up to date on both bands, follow them on Instagram at @theodysseymusic and @hoarseman_ as well as Facebook at @theodysseymusicband and @hoarsemanandtheheard.*Editor’s Note: Comments were edited for clarification and publication purposes.