State of the art rock climbing gym opens in Tulsa

On June 14 Climb Tulsa’s new building opened its doors for the first time at a ribbon cutting ceremony. With two stories of rope climbing and other amenities, Climb Tulsa is one of the largest rock climbing gyms in the country. The project came to fruition after many years of planning and hard work from owner Jason Burks.

Previously dubbed New Heights Gym, Burks saw the potential of the only climbing gym in Tulsa and took hold of the project a few years ago. Burks loved the small community from New Heights and wanted to keep the essence of the old gym while making climbing more accessible for newcomers.

“Our objective is to help people capture the magic of climbing” said Burks on opening day of the new gym. “And the byproducts of that are health, strength, discipline, communication, teamwork and responsibility that comes with climbing.”

Besides two stories of state of the art climbing and bouldering walls, the new 17,000sq ft climbing facilities include a full gym, kids rock-climbing walls, yoga classes and the tallest indoor slackline in the country.

“I’ve been attending Climb Tulsa since the old location,” said Tulsan John Maras “It’s exciting to see how the gym and community has grown over the last few years.”

Climb Tulsa offers classes and coaching for beginners and novice climbers. It is necessary for every new climber to sign a waiver and partake in the Beginner Top Rope Course before climbing. In the beginner course, climbers learn how to properly fit a climbing harness, how to tie the correct knot with the climbing rope, and how to correctly belay a partner. Call ahead and book a spot if interested since classes are small and can fill up fast. It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes early since classes start promptly on the hour.

“I checked out Climb Tulsa with some friends, and totally got addicted.” Said TCC Alumni Joshua Yochim “Climbing requires this weird mix of physical fitness and problem solving. It gives you a great work out, keeps you in shape, and forces you to get creative. Every route is a puzzle, so it’s kind of impossible to get bored.”

The new gym is advertising a “First Timer Package” which makes an introduction to rock climbing affordable for anyone. For $35 the package include the top Rope training course, 3 consecutive day passes, and full gear rental.

“Climb Tulsa is designed to be incredibly approachable to people who are just getting into climbing.” Yochim continued “Rental gear is an option, day passes are worth looking into if you want to just have some fun with friends, and there are beginner routes for anyone who just wants to get their feet wet. They have some pretty great yoga classes as well!”

Membership benefits exceed expectations with unlimited access to the gym during open hours, guest passes for first timers, discounts on gear rentals, purchases and private coaching and access to member only events. Climb Tulsa hosts unique events for members including after-hours climbing, movie nights and more.

Climb Tulsa is located in the heart of Tulsa on 32nd and Yale near the Broken Arrow Expressway and offers discounts to students and teachers. For more information visit