TCC Dean of Student Life, Jennifer Beatie, responds to questions

Tulsa Community College (TCC) dean of Student Life, Jennifer Beatie, conducted a “Dialogue with a Dean” meeting at the Metro Campus.

Beatie has 26 years with TCC. She has worked at the Metro, West and Southeast campuses.

The dean has been a student placement and immigration officer, taught sociology, international business and other subjects. A year ago, she became the director of the college-wide Student Life department.

At the meeting, Beatie answered a variety of questions from the students.

“We work on the OpenStucks program currently, which will allow students to get textbooks for free,” the dean said, “We have confidence and are devoted to that.”

A student asked why TCC bookstores do not always have needed textbooks in stock.

“The bookstores place their orders with publishing companies based on enrollment information they receive,” Beatie explained. “All that you pay to a bookstore goes to support TCC.”

The dean also advised students to use the textbooks at the TCC libraries in case they are not able to obtain the books on time.

Another student was wondering if TCC plans to get away from actual textbooks and switch everything to online soon.

“Yes, we are going towards that,“ confirmed Beatie. “We desire to completely eliminate traditional textbooks and offer online sources and e-books. We want to be green as a college.”

The attendees asked a question about the food pantry availability. The answer was that TCC is working on stock before inviting everybody to use the food pantry.

A young man was interested to learn more about the Pride Parade.

“TCC participated in the Pride Parade within the last two or three years,“ said Beatie. “We invite everybody to help with the float and support the parade.”

“The Pride Parade is organized by the City of Tulsa,” she continued. “TCC pays a fee to be in the parade yearly.”

“The Pride Parade will occur this fall again,” the dean added. “TCC also actively participates in the Martin Luther King Parade every year.”

Beatie stated that TCC desperately needs to update many things but struggles with that because of the state budget issues.

An African American young man suggested that TCC upload videos of some workshops on the TCC website. The dean supported the idea.

A question about TCC gym guest membership was also asked.

“TCC gyms offer services to guest members for $60 per fall and spring semesters, and $30 per summer semester,” Beatie confirmed.

The dean emphasized that TCC gyms are well-equipped and the West and Southeast campuses’ gyms have such unusual things as rock climbing walls.

Beatie informed that TCC also has excellent math, writing and foreign languages labs. The languages labs allow students to listen and self-study foreign languages for free. Tutors and consultants are available at the different labs.

Recently, the dean sent the following updates on subjects discussed at the meeting, “OpenStax is available now for several classes. Instructors determine which situations an OpenStax book is appropriate and let students know through the syllabus. TCC has a goal of reducing the amount of money students pay for textbooks and we continue to explore options as they become available.  This is an ongoing process.

We continue to improve our online experiences for students.  We have created some videos for student organizations as a starting point.”

For more information, contact the Student Life and Student Affairs offices at each TCC campus.