A local farm is producing a well-known perennial plant, lavender – More than just a beautiful flower 

Lavender scent is widely available these days; you can find it in candles, soaps, colognes, lotions, detergents, and cleaning products, among other items.  

In the United States, lavender essential oil is most popular and the most often utilized for skin treatment and other uses. For example, another use of lavender can be seen in the pictures of people sipping lavender-flavored lattes or lemonades in a field during lavender’s blooming season that flood social media.  

But have you ever wondered why people love lavender? What is so special about this plant? Other than its smell and attractive colors, lavender is widely used in skincare, aromatherapy, and herbalism. According to studies, lavender essential oil may help with a variety of issues, such as anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and even hair loss.   

This plant is used by aromatherapists in inhalation treatments to relieve headaches and nerve problems. Lavender oil is used by herbalists to treat a variety of skin conditions, including fungal infections, eczema, and acne. Its medicinal uses are still under experimentation and study. The unique quality of this plant is its association with tranquility and peace of mind. It is also thought that inhaling lavender scents uplifts the mood of individuals.  

As lavender grows in popularity, several businesses are opening. Nowadays, most coffee shops serve lavender lattes, and visits to nearby lavender farms have increased. That said, a recently established lavender farm in Bristow, Okla., is thriving. Lavender Silk Farm offers a lavender skincare line and silk handmade clothing and accessories.  

Dilfuza and Tom Williford, the owners of the business, started planting their first lavender plants in 2021. Considering that the weather in Oklahoma is not perfect for lavender, it should be hard to grow it. However, Lavender Silk Farm did not let the weather ruin their vision; therefore, they had lavender blossoms the first year.  

Now they harvest up to 12 kinds of lavender each year. Lavender Silk Farm has grown to be a significant business that it is a member of Made in Oklahoma Businesses and the U.S. Lavender Growers Association.  

The lavender plant, a well-known perennial plant, is grown and harvested at the Lavender Silk Farm in 2023. (Photo Provided) 

After a successful attempt at growing lavender, Mrs. Williford was inspired to make skincare products with lavender and other locally harvested plants.  

 The TCC Connection discussed the idea behind the lavender farm and the successful plant-based skincare line in a special interview with Dilfuza Williford, co-founder of Lavender Silk Farm.  

What inspired you to start a lavender farm?  

I became interested in lavender when I traveled to Japan and met a botanist who had a huge lavender field. It was serene and lovely, and I loved it. I went to see my other friend in Pennsylvania who also had a lavender field, and after that, I really wanted to try it myself. In 2018, when we moved to our 25-acres (of) land in Bristow, I decided to try it out. So, I planted my first lavender plants in 2021.  

Dilfuza and Thomas Williford are co-founders of the Lavender Silk Farm. (Photo Provided)

How did you develop the idea of a skincare line? 

My grandmother was an herbalist and was very knowledgeable in medicinal plants. This knowledge passed to my mom, and she always used natural remedies and plants when I or my siblings got sick. Yearly, we traveled to the mountains with mom and picked up medicinal plants for our herbal medicine kit. 

Growing up, I learned a lot about herbalism, and my passion for herbal plants has grown since then. My parents taught us to be open-minded towards knowledge and wisdom in all areas. This motivated me to grow beyond what I was taught.  

When traveling, I learned how different cultures looked at natural beauty and techniques and ways they achieved natural beauty. Every woman has a desire to be beautiful. No matter what country they are from, they want to be beautiful. In Uzbekistan, where I grew up, people used natural plants to enhance their beauty.  

I remember using vegetable masks for my face after making a salad. From my childhood until now, I have practiced medicine and plants, and I am deeply convinced that plants have the most effective healing properties. Avicenna1, a well-known Uzbek physician and philosopher, had lots of books and studies in medicine and herbal plants.  

(Avicenna or Ibn Sina’s) books are still studied by doctors and scientists worldwide. Traveling around the world helped me incorporate different worldviews and ideas on plants and herbalism.  

All of this shaped my way into skincare and herbalism. Moreover, I wanted to share with people the benefits of natural and plant-based products, especially lavender. Therefore, in 2021, we opened our website and online store and got our first online order that year.   

In 2022, we became a part of Bristow Farmers Market, where we sold our plant-based skincare products. Now, we’re part of the Oklahoma City Public Farmers Market, and multiple stores throughout Oklahoma and other states sell our products.  

Vitamin C Lavender Patchouli body lotion is one of the many skincare products made at Lavender Silk Farm. (Photo Provided)

What sets your plant-based skincare products apart from conventional alternatives?

 I am a very creative person and love to create. Therefore, I always strive to make better and better produce. The products I make are fully plant-based, and my formulations are free of harsh chemicals.   

I make sure that every component of every product is of the highest grade and give the quality of each item first importance. My customers appreciate the authenticity and quality of my products.  

With over 200 skincare products and handcrafted clothes now available, Lavender Silk Farm is expanding quickly. With the introduction of lattes, lemonades, and lavender syrups, it has now begun to take on a gastronomic aspect. The farm is getting ready to open to the public soon.   

This local business will continue to grow and offer happiness and tranquility to people under the direction of Dilfuza and Tom Williford. Lavender not only relaxes people but also inspires them to be more creative and see opportunities in everything, just as it inspired the Willifords.   

Footnote: 1Avicenna was also known as Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina or Ibn Sina. He was known in the West as Avicenna. More information about Avicenna can be found here: Amr, S. S., & Tbakhi, A. (March-April, 2007). Ibn Sina (Avicenna): The Prince of Physicians. National Library of Medicine: National Center for Biotechnology Information. 27(2). 134-5. National Institutes of Health. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6077049/ 

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