Ancient Aliens Live: Project Earth A Discussion

Being held at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, OK, is a discussion by investigators of the extraterrestrial including acclaimed Legendary Times magazine founder and host of popular television series “Ancient Aliens,” Giorgio Tsoukalos. Tsoukalos is discussing topics such as the Ancient Astronaut theory with the likes of professionals in the field of UFO disclosure such as aerospace engineer, Dr. Travis Taylor, investigative mythologist William Henry, UK government investigator Nick Pope, and the “real life Indiana Jones” himself, author David Childress. 

Tsoukalos, speaking on disclosure. These investigative reporters, scientists, and authors discussed such topics as the likelihood of the ancient astronaut theory, and Ley lines found on our planet Earth. Photo by Chase Goza
For example, the Nazca Lines found in southern Peru were discussed, a location where when flying above, you can view images carved into the earth such as an astronaut, and multiple straight lines that span approximately 800 mi. across and that are cut 4-6 in. deep into the soil. Photo by Chase Goza
The five researchers ask the question, “How could our ancestors have made these monoliths without the use of modern technology?’ A question whose answer they believe has an extraterrestrial origin. Photo by Chase Goza

These Nazca Lines, and even other monolithic objects such as the Great Pyramid’s, Stonehenge, and Puma Punku’s blocks were also discussed. The team of researchers displayed to the audience clips from the popular TV series “Ancient Aliens,” and they also conversed on the recent UAP sightings that have been recorded by the US Navy.  

The Tic Tac shaped UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) recorded by Former US Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor in 2004 while he was on duty at the USS Nimitz. Photo by Chase Goza

The investigators concluded that we do not have the technology to do what these videos, which depict mysterious flying objects such as the Tic Tac shaped UAP Navy sightings, can do. For example, flying into the ocean off the coast of Puerto Rico at high speeds of up to 74 mph. and flying out of it unscathed. “It hits the water at 74 mph., does not make a splash, does not make a wave, and continues to go in and out of the water at 74 mph. The amount of drag on that object would be the equivalent of a Bezos 7 rocket engine. That is the thing, we do not have any technology that can propel something like that underwater. What is this thing? Or what out of the world is this thing?” Questions aerospace engineer, and science fiction author, Dr. Taylor. 

 The audience, consisting of about 1,500 people, gave out applause and listened openly to the acclaimed researchers. The road to disclosure discussed at this event will be held in Tulsa next year as well.

The crowd applauses the researchers who held this event. Photo by Chase Goza
Attendees of Ancient Aliens Live were given the opportunity to meet Sasquatch, and have their pictures taken together. Photo by Chase Goza
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