Associated Press recruits two students to cover national and local elections

(Tulsa, Okla., Feb. 16, 2024) – The upcoming presidential election is one that many people have offered an opinion about its outcome. Various national surveys have been weighing in on the electability and popularity of the candidates. The national debate has engaged (and enraged) people to participate in the basic tenet of a democracy – electing individuals to represent the interests of the people in a country regarding its national and world affairs. 

On the frontline of the coverage for this year’s presidential and state elections will be two students from Tulsa Community College. Associated Press (AP), an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting since 1846, has hired two students to assist AP in its statewide coverage of the upcoming elections. 

Sarah Ray, editor for the TCC Connection, and Avery Higgs, a contributing writer, will be partnering with AP to gather elections results and additional information at selected polling places for the following elections: 

Tues., March 5 – Presidential Primary 

Tues., June 18 – State Primary 

Tues., Aug. 27 – Runoff Primary Election (if necessary)  

Tues., Nov. 5 – General Election 

“This is what we prepare our mass communication and journalism students to do,” said Dr. Jerry Goodwin, assistant professor for Mass Communication and faculty advisor to the college newspaper. “Working with a leading worldwide media leader such as AP will prepare the students for greater engagement and opportunities beyond just the national and state elections.” 

Other opportunities may become available to work with AP. If you are interested in learning more about additional positions to further one’s interest in journalism, contact

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