Empower Tulsa Self-Defense offers free lessons

Empower Tulsa Self-Defense was created by the Tulsa Police Community Engagement Unit and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. This class offered free lessons for females ages 12 and up at the LaFortune Community Center. The classes started in March and continued through May.

Karen Gilbert, executive director of Tulsa Crime Stoppers, assisted registration for the self-defense class. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Free water bottles and promotional items were available to program enrollees. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Casey Roebuck (l), director of Public Information at the Sheriff’s Office, demonstrated how a person could escape from an attacker with Deputy Kimber Take. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Deputy Mary Blendowski explained a self-protective and defense action. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Members of the Sheriff’s Office discussed domestic violence and resources available for the program participants. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
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