English as a Second Language program has built a good foundation for education within the last decades

Daniel Chaboya, director of English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Tulsa Community College (TCC), has been with the college for the last 19 years. Chaboya has a bachelor of science degree in marketing (Oral Roberts University), and amaster’s degree in human relations (University of Oklahoma), and he is passionate about helping foreign students to learn English.

Chaboya gives a quick overview of the ESL program.

When was the ESL program founded at TCC? 

It was founded in 1990 by Pam Chew, a former English and Italian language teacher.

Which categories of ESL classes does TCC offer?

We offer Beginning, Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced. All focused on higher education and the workplace; Academic in nature; Intensive English study options…full-time study available. 

Are the classes in-person, blended or online? 

All options are in-person, blended, and online live Zoom.

How many students does the program have each year?

There are up to enrolled 1,000 students yearly.

How many ESL teachers do you have?

We have 16 teachers… These are two full-time ESL professors, and 14 part-time ESL instructors.

How did COVID-19 effect the work of the ESL department last year?

We had to transition online, learn to use new technologies and software, be more creative with class delivery and promotion, and offer more flexibility and support to students!

How can a foreign student apply for the program outside of the U.S.?

They can apply online through our TCC webpage: https://www.tulsacc.edu/admissions-aid/admissions/international-admissions

For more information about the ESL program, contact Daniel Chaboya, director of the English as a Second Language program, at (918) 595-7544, daniel.chaboya@tulsacc.edu.

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