Flowers decorate the exterior of TCC’s Metro Campus in summer

Tulsa Community College (TCC) Metro Campus experienced interior and exterior renovations within the last two years. Tatyana Nyborg, TCC Connection Metro Campus editor, reported on the interior construction and renovations in the past. In this essay, she has a goal to show the beauty of urban floral design outside the campus building. 

Petunia flower beds are a wonderful addition to the TCC blue banner displayed on 10th Street in Tulsa. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)
Crape myrtle and other bushes, including miscanthus sinensis ‘sirene’ that bloom in summer, autumn and winter, are highlighted in the row on the other side of 10th Street on the Metro Campus. According to Shrub Hub, the crape myrtle is a popular choice for landscaping purposes because it is “a versatile and visually appealing choice for any outdoor space.” (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)
Gigantic cement flower pots with petunias decorate the entrance to the Metro Campus at 9th Street and Boston Avenue in Tulsa. From Old Farmer’s Almanac, “petunias are one of the most popular flowers because of their exceptional blooms and long flowering period.” (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)
A square with blooming trees, similar to crape myrtle trees, and flowers is located across 9th Street from the Metro Campus main entrance. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)
Red yucca flowers bring joy to Tulsans on 9th Street across from the Metro Campus main entrance. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)
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