Fulton Street opens for readers and coffee lovers in Greenwood district

Fulton Street Books and Coffee, 21 N. Greenwood Ave., has opened its newest location in the historic Greenwood district. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Dec. 1. Owner Onikah Asamoa-Caesar recognized a number of supporters who helped her to achieve this milestone.

It was an emotional occasion and opportunity for her. She teared up from the happiness of her shop opening. One thing she said that stood out was that she worked with a local coffee shop, Topeca, to learn about the business of running a java establishment.

A variety of art is on display at the Fulton Street Books and Coffee. Local artist Alexander Tamahn has works featuring painter Frida Kahlo (r) and singer Nina Simone welcoming one into the coffeehouse. (Photo by Devin Banks)

The inside of the building was well-decorated. In addition to books and coffee, added merchandise is available. Sitting next to the bookshelves are shirts and personal coffee cups for anyone wanting to buy them. Fulton Street has an expansive amount of space compared to your normal coffee shop. It has opportunities to work on your laptop, enjoy a book, and chat with friends. It has free Wi-Fi for remote working or studying.

The Fulton Street Books and Coffee is a large and open place in comparison to other coffee shops in Tulsa. (Photo by Devin Banks)

The coffee shop has a broad selection of not only cups of joe, but it also has teas and espressos with customizable things you can add to them. The prices are affordable for its java, as low as $3.25 for a cup, and café meals. Fulton Street is open daily from Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., and on Sunday from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Asamoa-Ceasar’s has one other bookstore location at Tulsa International Airport, which is open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

On the bookstore’s website, one can make reservations to hold social gatherings or even a private party at the new location. She has access to many different genres of books people want, from mystery to horror. The important thing about Fulton Street that is unique is it has access to banned books.

The Fulton Street Books and Coffee offers store brand merchandise and a wide variety of books. (Photo by Devin Banks)

Speaking of books, one of the newest businesses on Greenwood Avenue has its own book bundles made for kids called “Little & Lit,” which gives a diverse section of high-quality books for kids to read. For the more adult books, the bookstore has a bookshop website that has raised $29.1 million for local bookstores and has hundreds of books on its website. Also, Asamoa-Caesar works with audiobooks on Libro FM, with nonfiction books to anti-racism with other good selections of books. One of her main goals with Fulton Street is to increase literacy and build a better community.  

“It is a space for coffee, books, and an enjoyable time. It is a space for you. A space for you who have been longing for a space created with you in mind. At Fulton Street, we center the stories, narratives, and lived experiences of people of color and marginalized communities. Welcome to Fulton Street. Welcome home.”  

To see more of Alexander Tamahn’s artwork, visit here.

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