Global Fest celebrated 16 years bringing the world to TCC

Global Fest, the sixteenth annual festival of cultures came to the Center for Creativity on Feb. 26. Tina Peña, Associate Professor in Spanish at Tulsa Community College said this year the focus would be on the celebration of “International Friends and Families.” 

“This year, we are celebrating a day dedicated to “TCC’s International Friends and Families” citizens, families, businesses, community centers, students, politicians and more will all come together to celebrate the 16th anniversary of TCC Global Fest,” Pena said.  

Pena said that the Global Fest was an initiative initiated by Tulsa Community College’s Student Life department and World Language a wide range of different cultures. 

Pena is one of the organizers and emcee for the event. She said that the planning for this Global Fest had been in the works for a month. She also said that many student organizations and community international associations participated.  

This year, the event was held in The Thomas K McKeon Center for Creativity. Pena said there was food from various countries and many participants wore costumes from their native lands. Pena said at least 200 students attended and there was music representing international cultures. 

Belly dancers demonstrate their skills to the crowd at the 16th annual Global Fest.

Karen Espnosa Carmona, Director of Civic Engagement for Student Government Association and President of the Hispanic Student Association said she first heard of Global Fest when she was a freshman and a member-at-large in the HSA. She needed to complete hours for the Tulsa Achieves program and after that first event, she looks forward to it yearly. 

Carmona said, “I have been involved in this wonderful event since spring 2016.” Carmona will be on hand to help as part time staff at the Language Lab booth. 

Carmona said that she is very excited to discover that the Japanese Club will be in attendance.  

“It is not always easy getting student organizations from other campuses so I am so happy to see The Japanese Club since the organization’s main campus is Southeast,” said Carmona. 

Other organizations that attended were the French Club and the Student Government Association. The event was free and open to the public.  

Native American dancers tell a story with movement.

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