Hollywood actor and OU graduate shares tips on acting

On April 10 at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity, renowned on-screen actor Cody Mayo (who starred in Marvel’s “Runaways,” and ABC’s (formerly on FOX) “911”) presented us with a how-to crash course on acting. Audience members were used as volunteers in an exciting opportunity to express themselves and learn how to project themselves on camera for the silver screen.

Mayo stated “That’s because acting, we do it every day. How many times are we at a store and someone says, how are you doing? Great, thanks. But you’re not, right? We do it every day. In fact, I love this. You know, psychologists have proven that even down to the moment we were born, we were already acting as newborns. Newborns learn how to manipulate their cry to get what they want.”

These inspiring words carried on the night as volunteers showcased their acting skills by telling personal stories from their lives, with an inflection of attitude. He asked the audience members to tell their stories in a triumphant tone, for example, as the video captured below shows.

Hollywood actor Cody Mayo cited the ability to present audition tapes on your iPhone or Android, as both can showcase your acting skills to film companies worldwide. (Photo by Chase Goza)

Overall, the one-hour experience made every member of the audiencea more inspired and ready actor for the silver screen. The passionate audience members turned actors entertained and delighted us with their expressive stories told throughout the acting workshop.

“Never look directly at the camera in your audition tape,” advised actor Cody Mayo, as he provided details on how to successfully turn in your first audition tape. (Photo by Chase Goza)

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