How Baptist Collegiate Ministries has continued during the pandemic

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) is a religious organization that provides a community for students from all walks of life. BCM formerly held its meetings on Thursday nights at the Southeast campus at Tulsa Community College. Meetings were also held on Monday nights at the West Campus for worship and a service along with free lunches at West and Northeast campus and bible studies at campuses where questions and discussions were encouraged. 

Due to the recent pandemic, BCM, like many organizations, had to adjust in order to stay in contact with its members. According to the BCM Directors of Tulsa Community College, Kyle Thomas and Riley Sowell, community is more important now than ever. Riley Sowel said, “In differing ways, we are all battling isolation, loneliness, laziness and a lack of direction. It’s a lot better to fight together. Those who come out on the other side better instead of bitter will do so because they maintained positive relationships.”  This outlook inspired them to take immediate action in creating their online platform.

BCM created a virtual platform that allows students to take part.  Now, more than ever, BCM is emphasizing the need for community and is offering different options so that no person is left out of an opportunity to be in touch with a group or to be in contact with BCM. BCM has asked several of their students to help lead bible studies throughout the day on Tuesdays. These meetings were done through Zoom and everyone was welcome to study the bible and create new relationships.  Every Thursday at 8 p.m. there was an Instagram live stream and after that those who wanted could join the Zoom meeting, where there was worship and a time to ask questions and have discussions.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries holds Thursday night worship at the Southeast Campus. Photo credited to Mattie Ferguson.

Christa Smith, a former BCM student leader and intern, says the organization has been a great resource to her. “BCM has impacted me throughout quarantine due to its willingness to connect to create community outside TCC through Zoom calls and livestreams.”

Pujita Sahni, another student who participates with BCM, said, “The BCM community has always been wonderful and welcoming as always, despite the fact that I am not Christian, big thanks to Kyle and everyone. They are all very kind and good people and I have never felt anything but blessed to be a part of BCM.”

If you are interested in getting involved with BCM, you can reach the organization @tccbcm on Instagram.

Attendees participate in ‘Open Mic Night’ held by Baptist Collegiate Ministries at the Southeast Campus. Photo credited to Mattie Ferguson.
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