Innergistic: Alternative Healing

There is a lesson being taught in positive healing at Innergistic, a welcoming space for the mind, body, and soul in Broken Arrow, Okla. The discussion, held by Sheri Salyer (an Affiliate Member of the Reiki Membership Association) on Jan. 28, had an array of subjects, all having to do with how to improve one’s life with methods of alternative health such as the use of crystals and aromatherapy. “I’ve been doing Reiki pretty much all of my life,” explains Salyer. The basics of Reiki, (which is a Japanese method of stress reduction and relaxation, wherein the “laying on hands” is administered and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us) were taught to the class of local citizens who chose to attend the event to gain a deeper understanding of their metaphysical selves. Cleansing, rituals such as smudging, and burning incense were shown to ease the client’s mind, body, and soul. Methods of balancing one another’s chakras as well as one’s own chakras were also taught (chakra meaning “wheel of light” in Sanskrit).

The use of crystals, stones, and meditation were encouraged by Salyer for each member of the class. “Rose actually raises the vibration,” she explained as the basics of aromatherapy were taught. A sample of Ambergris scented essential oil was given to provide well-being for those searching for alternative health methods. A free pendulum is provided for attendees of the event to further test their abilities in healing themselves and others. By the end of the healing session, everyone had the opportunity to practice sensing one another’s chakras and removing energy blockages from one another using the pendulums, which were said to provide clients with better overall well-being. An open house event is being held at Innergistic on Feb. 8 as well, where new modalities of healing such as Reiki, sound, and spiritual healing will be explained and taught to anyone who can attend.

Salyer checks the “aura” of her client with the use of a pendulum. Photo by Chase Goza
“A singing bowl will clear any energy in the room,” explains Salyer to the class. Photo by Chase Goza
The use of Energizers was put in place to gauge the attendee’s “auras” and see which chakras were in balance and which ones were out of balance. Photo by Chase Goza
Gemstones are among the many items sold at Innergistic located in Broken Arrow, Okla. Photo by Chase Goza
A display of the instruments used by Salyer to heal her clients. Photo by Chase Goza

For more information on future events, visit Innergistic.

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