Opportunities available for Tulsans following vaccine rollout

The following press release was provided by the Tulsa Community College (TCC) Media Relations department on March 16, 2021. For clarifications or more information, we advise visiting with Tulsa Community College at www.tulsacc.edu, through External Affairs (Marketing and Communications), or Nicole Burgin, APR, at 918-951-4122.

The release reads as follows:

With Vaccine Rollout, Tulsans Looking for Options

As more and more Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccine, many are looking to the future and a return to more normal activities. To help address the question of what’s next, Tulsa Community College offers an immediate start to college with eight-week courses that begin next week.

The eight-week classes are full credit courses and cover the same amount of content in a compact timeframe. The second eight weeks runs from March 22 to May 16.

“Half the length of a traditional 16-week college semester, the eight-week classes give individuals the chance to jumpstart and quickly get back to earning a degree. Admittedly, there have been so many distractions in the past year with the pandemic, but you don’t have to wait any longer,” said Rachael Achivare Hill, director of TCC Admissions & Prospective Student Services.

Eight-week courses are on an accelerated timeline, and many students find they really like the opportunity to focus on fewer subjects at a time.

“For those who considered attending college for the Spring semester but were unsure about enrolling back in January, this is a great opportunity. We want individuals to stay on track with their college plans and their goal of earning a degree,” said Archivare Hill.

Eight-week classes for Spring 2021 start Monday, March 22. Students must be enrolled in classes before the first time a class meets.

TCC staff will be available during Spring Break, March 15 – 20, to assist future students with enrollment. Those interested in learning more can call 918-595-8000 or visit virtual admissions on the TCC website to get started. In addition, TCC will offer a virtual tour of Metro Campus on Tuesday, March 16. Pre-registration is required.

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