Review: Allie Colleen and Joleen Brown: A Night of Country Melodies

Allie Colleen, the headliner at the Shrine on July 5, put on a true country show for her first-time performing in the city of Tulsa. Joleen Brown opened for her at the concert. These female musicians were both born in Oklahoma. Local country music flooded the Shrine with these two down-home singers’ vocals.  

“I went to TCC (Tulsa Community College) to complete all my prerequisites; I went there for two years and then I went to OSU (Oklahoma State University) Tulsa. I got my degree in finance. I have just kind of been playing since I was 12 (years old), on and off. The last couple of years, I have been playing with friends, and then I started getting invites out to places here in Tulsa and have just been doing it for fun,” said Brown about her origins in Tulsa.  

Joleen Brown is a local country singer and a Tulsa Community College alumna. (Photo by Chase Goza)

Colleen, the headlining songwriter, stated after the show was over, “It is rad and incredible to play in my hometown. Getting my start in music was just fine, it was easy; I do not have anything to compare it to. But Oklahoma is kind. I grew up with kind people, which is very cool. I thought it went well and I enjoyed it, and I look forward to coming back and seeing what we can do in Tulsa.” 

Allie Colleen sang her own popular songs, such as “Halos and Horns,” and other country hits, such as “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman, to the Shrine’s audience. (Photo by Chase Goza)
Allie Colleen is also the daughter of Garth Brooks, a country singer/songwriter who was born in Tulsa and has sung 19 number one hits with songs like “The Dance” (released in 1989) topping the charts. The guitarist for Allie Colleen‘s band is Gabe Allen. (Photo by Chase Goza)
Colleen’s tour bus parked outside the Shrine before the show. (Photo by Chase Goza)

The country show had the audience in elated spirits on this summer night. Allee Colleen and Joleen Brown put on a great show during the event and took autographs and talked to fans after the show. The country gig was sure to remind concert goers in Tulsa of the open pastures, and clear skies that define an Oklahoman summer in the country. 

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