School leaders sign TCC2University agreement offering transfer opportunities to students

         This past week, Leigh Goodson, Ph.D., president and CEO of Tulsa Community College, along with leaders of other state universities signed the TCC2University agreement. The agreement includes seven higher education institutions which make up the Tulsa Transfer Collaborative. The collaborative helps to streamline the transfer process for community college students.  

        The degrees at Tulsa Community College (TCC) eligible to transfer are the Associate of Arts (A.A.) and the Associate of Science (A.S.). Under the Transfer Collective, a pathway to a four-year degree with various state universities is available for students to follow.   

Dr Leigh Goodson, president and CEO of Tulsa Community College (TCC) opening the event prior to the historic signing. Photo by Gabrielle Farringer.

       At TCC, students have access to a Transfer Center which can connect them with all the information they need to start the transfer process including academic advising, financial aid, and degree planning.   

      “The transfer agreements established between Tulsa Community College and these partners spell out a student’s path from an associate degree at TCC to a bachelor’s degree saving the student time and money when transferring,” said Goodson. 

       Pamela Fry, Ph.D., president of Oklahoma State University (OSU) stated, “OSU is committed through our linked degree initiative with TCC to provide a seamless academic experience for every students success. By carefully following a transfer map at the beginning of a student’s first class at TCC, we can ensure courses count towards a particular four-year degree at OSU. This will save time, money, and a lot of energy.”  

     President of Northeastern State University (NSU), Steve Turner Ph.D. commented, “Today, I am proud to be part of an institution that is having an 11-year Smart Choice Agreement with TCC, but now to see its natural evolution and expansion with other colleges and institutions.”  For students interested in attending NSU, there are a variety of options under this agreement including the A.S. in Social Work.   

School leaders stand together after signing the TCC2University agreement. Photo by Gabrielle Farringer.

      For TCC students, this means various opportunities with local universities to make transfer easier, Among the agreements signed included two new bachelor’s options at OU-Tulsa.  John H. Schuman, Ph.D., OU-Tulsa president said.  “We very much hope to help greater Tulsans complete their bachelor’s degrees, stay in the area, and these are valuable degrees that will help our economy. 

     The two degrees in particular that we have, we call our TCC2OU. We are doing a bachelors in computer science degree which is a new one for us. Many people don’t know, but at OU-Tulsa we’ve had a college of engineering presence for some time, originally telecommunications engineering and now electrical and computer engineering.” Schuman stated.   

       TCC students can choose from other institutions as well such as Rogers State University with three new agreements in place for Sports Management and Pre-Physical Therapy. Larry Rice, Ph.D., president of Rogers State University (RSU) said, “Rogers State is committed to make transfers a seamless and affordable pathway for TCC students who want to matriculate to a small college and a traditional full college experience with meaningful opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Whether our transfer students want to continue their studies in a traditional campus environment or online, we are committed to making sure that is the safest, affordable, and accessible opportunity for each of them.”  

     The institutions listed in The Tulsa Transfer Collective include OSU-Tulsa, OU-Tulsa, NSU, RSU, Langston University, and The University of Tulsa. Other partner institutions include Oral Roberts University, Southern Nazarene University, and Cameron University. Contact for details or check them out online  

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