Second Annual Service Excellence Award nominations open 

Tulsa Community College is receiving award nominations for its employees who have demonstrated leadership in his/her service and excellence in contributions to the college. It recognizes the excellent and distinguished work of TCC faculty and staff each year. The award, funded by the TCC Foundation, offers $1,000 each to 15 full-time employees in the following categories: five faculty, five college staff, and five professional staff. But part timers are not left out of it because there will be an award of $500 given to two part-time employees who are adjunct faculty. 

Winners will be announced at the second annual Culture of Excellence Ceremony. The program will be held at the PACE Theatre on the Southeast Campus on April 24, 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. 

Employees may be nominated for a service excellence award by full-time or part-time colleagues, by a student, or by themselves. Winners will be chosen through a blind review process by a committee, which consists of faculty and staff. The committee is co-chaired by Dr. Greg Stone, associate vice president of Academic and Campus Operations, and Marleen Jones, director of employee relations. Specifically, members of the committee include faculty, staff council, and professional staff representatives. 

The candidates for the recognition should embody the core values of TCC, such as efforts supporting the personnel and students at the college, building a community within a TCC department(s), and lastly, eliminating barriers by communicating and helping address others’ needs. 

These awards are eligible for employees employed for three years at TCC, including faculty, staff, adjuncts, and part-timer staff. Candidates are required to be in good standing with the college. Previous winners will not be considered until five years have passed since their last receipt of the award. The deadline for nominations is March 11. 

The winners will be notified by April 1. To nominate an employee from TCC, see here

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