SNAPS: Bhakti Yoga celebrates meditation and vegan lifestyle

Bhakti Yoga is an ancient form of meditation dating back 5,000 years ago from India. Bhakti means “pure loving devotion” in Sanskrit, one of the languages in India. Yoga means “to connect”. The goal is to reach spiritual enlightenment and “spiritual truth” – or just plain happiness – with others, according to Bhakti Yoga-Tulsa’s Facebook page. The weekly yoga classes are on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Every One Yoga School, 1404 E. 11th St. For more information, call (918) 520-0552. 

Services are held Wednesday. Emily Bennett (c) and Syamesvari-prema Dasi (r) are two of several individuals who conduct the services. During the discussion of the service, the meaning of life and philosophy are highlighted. For more information, Bhakti Yoga is on Instagram at @bhaktiyogatulsa.
After the service, the group leads into meditation and music, which is called Kirtan, for 45 minutes.
Emily Bennett (r), a volunteer with Bhakti Yoga, serves food to participants.
Every once in a while, after dinner, the group will have another Kirtan for less than 45 minutes.
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