Terlton lights up the sky for Fourth of July

July Fourth is celebrated annually in the small town of Terlton, Okla. The community is approximately a 30-minute drive west of Tulsa in Pawnee County. When you arrive for the annual event, you will see the streets are blocked off by the Fire Department’s vehicles, allowing the community to come together in a patriotic local gathering. The town was originally founded in 1894, when a post office was first established at the location.  

Terlton is a scenic place, landmarks such as Frog Rock surround the town. Fireworks were for sale and on display at the hometown gathering. The town and visitors gathered and listened to music played by a local band. Food trucks served food and drinks to the locals as well. There were various contests, and a fundraiser was held for Jennings K-12 cheerleaders to afford cheer camp and cheer uniforms. 

Frog Rock is a landmark artwork in Terlton. The landform was painted in the early 1970s by Mary Coleman and her son. (Photo by Chase Goza)
The community has many scenic views and picturesque surroundings for locals and visitors. (Photo by Chase Goza)
The main street of Terlton is blocked off by the local fire station for pedestrians to enjoy the day’s events and activities. (Photo by Chase Goza)
Mark Miller and the Cold Band played country and rock classics to the crowd gathered for the celebration of the Fourth of July in Terlton. (Photo by Chase Goza)
The Junior and Miss America contests were held, wherein whoever wears the most patriotic attire is awarded with a Junior or Miss America trophy. (Photo by Chase Goza) 
A fireworks show was held in Terlton later in the night. (Photo by Chase Goza)

The event gave a small-town pioneer feel to the celebration of the Fourth of July. The gathering is held annually, so if you missed attending the celebration this year, then there is always next year to take part in a local down-home experience on U.S. Independence Day. 

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