Tulsa Community College offers students’ health insurance

      Tulsa Community College (TCC) is offering student health insurance for eligible students.

      The various options include Teledoc, PL Providers, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Vision Services Provider (VSP), and Delta Dental.

      According to TCC’s Student Health Insurance website, health care navigation can be challenging. TCC is working with Robbins Harvatin Consulting to provide students with affordable health care options. The college hopes that by offering these choices, barriers to students’ personal and educational goals will be minimized.

      The Teledoc option offers virtual doctor visits through a 24/7 service. The plan includes zero co-pay virtual doctor visits. Services included are mental health services, general health visits, and chronic care management.

      PL Providers is another option for students with Direct Primary Care where students can receive full benefits for a monthly fee. The cost is $69 a month with a zero co-pay for Direct Primary Care Access. The enrollment period is year-round.

United Healthcare is an additional choice under the new insurance menu. The enrollment is year-round and the price varies with the plan. UHC offers short-term medical plans for those in need of short-term medical insurance.

BlueCross BlueShield is classified as  major medical insurance and the pricing varies on age, location, plan, and qualifications. The enrollment period begins Nov. 1 through Dec. 15 for open enrollment or mid-year qualifying event. The plan offers several choices for major medical insurance and BCBS offers a variety of doctors in health care such as women’s health, neurology, dermatology, oncology, and general care.

For vision insurance, TCC offers Vision Service Providers. VSP is a vision plan for those who do not have vision insurance on their employer funded insurance. VSP covers a wide variety of in-network providers. The cost is $15 a month and enrollment are year-round. VSP offers a low-cost co-pay for the annual eye exam and a pair of glasses or contact lenses.

When it comes to dental insurance, TCC will offer Dental Dental, which is the largest dental insurance provider in the state of Oklahoma. The plans offered are Delta Dental PPO, which gives subscribers a selection if the student uses in-network providers at a reduced rate. There is also DeltaCare USA which features maintenance care at a lower price. Delta Direct Patient Direct offers lower cost dental care with participating dentists. Payment is due at time of treatment. The last plan the college offers is Delta Dental Premier, which is a fee-for-service plan where the fees and deductible are due at times of service. Procedures covered include root canals, x-rays, and cosmetic work like crowns and bridges. The price starts at $38 a month and enrollment are year-round.

For more information, contact Paul Harvatin at (405) 401-8092 or Ryan Robbins at (405) 308-2181.

Information about the upcoming student health insurance options. Credit: Student Wellness/Randii Harrald
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