Tulsa’s Small Businesses: Six Places to Visit this Holiday Season

Elegance Dessert Bar by Guaneka Williams

If you enjoy classic desserts such as apple pie, cheesecake, and pecan pie, then you’re in for a treat. Entrepreneur Guaneka Williams puts unique twists on classic American desserts. Her bakery, Elegance Dessert Bar is a new business in Tulsa. They are dedicated to providing the Tulsa area with desserts. However, baked goods are not the only thing Elegance Dessert Bar specializes in. If you are looking for custom desserts to adorn your dinner table this Thanksgiving, book with Elegance. All orders are made fresh and can be delivered. For more information, visit Elegance Dessert Bar on Facebook or email Guaneka Williams at elegancedessertbar@gmail.com.

Hair Power by Christine Davis

There are many hair care lines on the market. However, not many are all-natural and the ones that seem as though they do not work. Business owner Christine Davis has found a solution to this seemingly ongoing issue. In 2016, Davis began researching natural ways to strengthen her daughter’s hair. She was in search of products that did not contain harsh chemicals that could potentially dry out the hair. Eventually, she opted to try her own blend of oils. Surprisingly, they worked! Her custom blends gained popularity in her family. After a year of using her own oils on her and her children’s hair, Davis noticed insane growth. The results inspired her to launch her own hair care line, Hair Power, in March 2019. Hair Power’s mission is to empower women of all hair types. If you are in the market for any new products to try, visit www.hairpwr.com to view Davis’ wide array of growth oils. Hair Power also carries a variety of rhinestone hairpins for any occasion.

Improving Lives Counseling Services

While many consider the holiday season a joyous time, some find it to be stressful. If you or someone you know fall into the percentage of people who become anxious around this time, you might be interested in Improving Lives Counseling Services. Improving Lives is a Tulsa based organization that offers counseling, therapy, and behavioral health services. There are many specialists and psychiatrists available to assist those who are in need of service. Most accept Medicare and Medicaid as well as other varied forms of health insurance. However, if you know someone who is in need of more generalized accommodations, Viora Ransom offers her assistance. As a behavioral health rehabilitation specialist, Ransom pledges to work with clients to help get their needs met. Her goal is to ensure that her clients have the skills to confidently become self-sufficient. Ransom has a passion for working with those who may suffer from behavioral issues. As a person who comes from a disadvantaged childhood, Ransom understands the way outside factors can affect mental health and potentially cause issues. With this personal experience, she is able to closely develop relationships with her patients. If you are interested in making an appointment this season, send an email to info@ImprovingLivesCounseling.com  or visit the Improving Lives website, improvinglivescounseling.com.

Love More by Mary Jackson

With the holidays right around the corner, the stress of finding the perfect gift becomes stronger. Mary Jackson has offered to help make this season of giving a far smoother experience for all. Jackson owns a boutique named Love More. Love More is located in Tulsa and offers clothing and accessories. Jackson began her business online. She gained traction and was eventually able to open a physical storefront in Mall 31. While she does have a storefront, customers are still able to purchase items online at LLoveMore.com. The purpose behind Love More is to spread love by helping others with loving themselves. Jackson believes that love first begins with a person who loves themself from the inside out. Her main goal is to please all customers by “having what they want for a good price.” Love More was founded two years ago with a pair of elephant earrings. Since then has expanded into a business that offers purses, jewelry, clothes, and gift bags. If you are still looking for a perfect gift for a loved one, visit Love More’s website to place an order or visit the store, which is located within Mall 31, Suite 10.

Mommy and Son Designs by Adilah Zalzala

If you are still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, a custom T-shirt might be the best option. Adilah Zalzala and her son own an online boutique that specializes in customized apparel. The idea behind Mommy and Son Designs began when Zalzala curated a unique shirt for her son’s sport’s team. Once other parents noticed the amazing quality of her work, they began requesting orders. From there, Zalzala and her son launched their brand. Zalzala is a fan of crafts. At her home, she has a craft room where her son enjoys spending time with her. They love making things for homes, school spirit, and personalized gifts. If you are interested in supporting Zalzala and her son, visit their site www.mommyandmedesigns.etsy.com, and place an order.

T La Rae Designs by Te’Kreshiana “Kia” Williams

Want to give the gift of aesthetics this year? T La Rae Designs, an interior design company founded by Te’Kreshiana Williams, is the place to consider. Williams is a graduate of Clary Sage College. There she received her Associate’s degree in Interior Design. She currently works as the Interior Designer for Neal’s Furniture in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Williams has always been extremely passionate about design. When she was a child, one of her favorite pastimes was laying out floor plans on graph paper. She offers in-home consultations and is currently doing holiday decor. If you’re not quite sure how you would like to arrange your home for the holidays, T La Rae Designs can assist you. If you are interested in Williams’ services, visit her website www.tlaraedesigns.com for more information.

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