West Campus offers Muffins and Maps: A Treat for All

At the Tulsa Community College West Campus Student Life, the Muffins and Maps event is held at the beginning of each semester for the student body, and the fall semester begins August 14, 2023. Visitors to Student Life are given a map to the West Campus, and muffins are provided for free by the college staff. The goal is to encourage students and others to become familiar with the campus and how to quickly get from class to class and to use other features on campus, including the library, bookstore, fitness center, and computer labs.

Susan Looper, program coordinator for Student Life, states, “We are a first point of contact, Student Life, especially in the first two days of school. Many students today have come up to get an ID. It helps them. We help them find their classes, and they get a little snack.”

So, if you are feeling lost on the first day of classes on the West Campus, do not forget to stop by Student Life to get an annual muffin and a map of Student Life.

Muffins are the treats provided by Student Life that students enjoy during their tours of the West Campus. (Photo by Chase Goza)
Maps are provided to the students on their first days of courses to help them navigate around the West Campus. (Photo by Chase Goza
The map of the West Campus includes veterinary science, liberal arts and science and math divisions and a fitness center among other areas. The Child Development degree program is hosted at the campus. (Photo by Chase Goza)

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