Wild birds appreciate help of humans in winter

Approximately 600 species of wild birds reside in the United States and Canada. When snow covers the ground in winter, it becomes more difficult for birds to find seeds. To help wild birds, it is recommended to fill in bird feeders with nuts, sunflower and other seeds, wet dog and cat food, or bread.

Male cardinal bird is red with a black face. Cardinals keep their mates for life, according to the “Book of Northern American Birds” published by Reader’s Digest. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
Woodpeckers are known as “forest doctors.” They find spaces on trees infested with insects and clean up the trees’ areas with their beaks. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
Blue jay is an 11-12 inches long bird with blue, black, and white coloration. They can prey on mice and young birds. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
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