African American Student Association (AASA) installs 2022-2023 officers

The African American Student Association (AASA) elected its officers for the 2022-2023 academic year. The group held its annual Officer Installation Dinner on Oct. 24 at the Center for Creativity Event Center.

The annual installation of African American Student Association officers was held at the Thomas McKeon Center for Creativity.(Photo by Yasmine Enge)

The program, which was a potluck and a silent auction on paintings, included students, faculty, and staff from each of the four campuses. Previously, the college group had officers representing each of the campuses. This year, one set of officers will represent the entire college.

Elizabeth Flewellen (l) was installed as AASA treasurer by guest speaker Dr. Eunice Tarver, vice president Student Success and Equity.(Photo by Yasmine Enge)

The guest speaker for the program was Dr. Eunice Tarver, vice president of Student Success and Equity. In her speech, she focused on her success in achieving her degree. She believed her greatest strength was that she never gave up on her goals.

Rhondall Daniels, AASA vice president, visited with many of the students in attendance for the program. (Photo by Yasmine Enge)

The following officers that were elected for the current academic year: Lawrence King, president; Rhondall Daniels, vice-president; Yasmine Enge, secretary; Kendon Henry, Sergeant-at-Arms; Elizabeth Flewellen, treasurer; Ja McGee, parliamentarian; and Mary Harris, SGA Representative.

For more information about AASA, contact Dr. Dewayne Dickens,, or Michael Singleton,

The program was opened with remarks by AASA President Lawrence King (c). He was joined by Kendon Henry (l), Sergeant-at-Arms, and Rhondall Daniels, vice president.(Photo by Yasmine Enge)
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