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Review: Tulsa Sings! 2024 brings the ‘Best of Broadway’ to TCC

On April 6, the Signature Symphony held its final concert of the year, titled Tulsa Sings!: Best of Broadway.  The concert began with Katie Sawicki, director of development and operations at Signature Symphony, coming onstage to welcome everyone and mention this season’s sponsor, TTCU Federal Credit Union. The symphony warmed up, then launched into the […]

Review: Open Play Improv leads to memorable laughs 

Every other Thursday of the month, Open Play Improv is held at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity, led by a member of Third Space Tulsa (an improv-centered theater education collective founded in May of 2023), Cory Foster. The Open Play Improv kept its participants on their feet and laughing as they followed instructions […]

Movie Review: “The Killer”

The films of David Fincher (going back to “Alien 3”) invariably, undeniably belong to his vision, and they’re almost always iconic, in some way—no matter the genre shift. Between his groundbreaking ‘90s work with “Fight Club” or “Se7en”, to later masterpieces like “Zodiac” and “The Social Network,” you begin to see how the arc of […]

Review: Philbrook offers some sunshine with ‘Art in Bloom’ Review

During the first weekend of April, Philbrook Museum sponsored “Art in Bloom.” The three-day event was filled with wonder and exploration. The beauty of nature and flowers were shown, with some displays having deep meanings and backstories.   The exhibits were inspired by the architecture and art of the museum. Local exhibitors who created floral arrangements […]

Review: Tulsa Zoo’s” BUGS” exhibition brings a surreal experience while educating 

More than one million species of insects populate the Earth. Studying bugs is difficult because they are tiny. In response, the Tulsa Zoo developed an idea to blow up the proportions of the insects to an enormous size. By doing so, the oversized models have been attractive to visitors who attend the “BUGS” exhibit at […]

Review: Larger-Than-Life and Life-Size LEGOS on display at Tulsa Botanic Garden 

Held at the Tulsa Botanic Garden this spring is Nature Pop, a series of statues made of LEGOS on display to visitors of the scenic garden. Onlookers of statues at the garden were regaled with folk songs sung by music duo “Two Crows for Comfort.” (Accompanying this article is a video with the sights and […]

Review: Beautiful performance of Tulsa Opera singers touches the hearts of viewers at the Center for Creativity 

The recent performance of Tulsa Opera singers at the “I Can’t Enjoy Opera” workshop changed someone’s opinion that opera is a boring art. Two opera singers and a pianist presented four arias at the Tulsa Community College (TCC) Center for Creativity on Feb. 24.  Maddie Breedlove, a singer and a Filstrup Resident Artist in the […]

Review: ‘I Can’t 3D Print’ turns into ‘Wow, I Can’ at the high-tech workshop 

Tulsans were placed into the heartbeat of the new, exciting technology of 3D printing at the Tulsa Community College (TCC) Center for Creativity on Feb. 24.   The demonstration of 3D printing was organized by “Engage Learning,” a new partner of the Center for Creativity, according to Annina Collier, dean of the TCC Center for Creativity. […]

Review: New dining business opens with food and musical grooves

The Drip, which features ice cream, coffee, pizza, and live music, seems to have a way of bringing the people of small-town Cleveland together. The Drip is a recently opened eatery in the local area of Cleveland, Okla. Located at 220 S. Broadway St., the new establishment provides the community with a chance to get […]

Review: ‘Inevitable Beethoven’ celebrates a composer’s legacy 

On March 2, the Tulsa Signature Symphony once again put on a riveting and moving display of musicality. The show featured a chorus of 90 musicians and singers and acting done by Kurt Harris, who starred as Ludwig van Beethoven during the performance.   The packed audience at the Tulsa Community College’s VanTrease Performing Arts Center […]

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