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Reporter’s Notebook: American fast food brands grow in popularity in Kazakhstan

During the last decade, I traveled to Kazakhstan, a republic of the former USSR. (Kazakhstan has long borders with Russia in the north and with China in the south.) I noticed several American fast food restaurants were increasing in popularity there. I visited some of the restaurants and could see similarities as well as differences […]

First Asian American Pacific Islander Cultural Festival makes a mark on the Tulsa community

On May 14, Tulsa Global District (TGD) and the Hmong American Association of Oklahoma organized the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Cultural Festival to celebrate the global cultures of Tulsa. The festival was in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month.  As Tulsans walked into the tucked away AAPI Cultural Festival on 18 th and Garnett grass area […]

TCC’s former teacher of Portuguese, Fernanda Thompson, reaches success in visual arts

Fernanda Thompson moved to the United States from Brazil, and from 1996 to 2020, she taught Portuguese language courses at Tulsa Community College (TCC.) Portuguese is the “official language…in Brazil [which] is the world’s most populated Portuguese-speaking country followed by Angola and Mozambique,” according to the World Atlas. Thompson also curated the shows of the […]

Reporter’s Notebook: A manti restaurant brings The Silk Road ancient taste to visitors in Kazakhstan

The Silk Road was a trade route from Europe to Asia from 300 B.C. to the 16th century.  A part of The Silk Road went through Kazakhstan where my home was. During a summer 2021 trip to central Kazakhstan, my fellow travelers and I stopped at a manti restaurant situated in the corner of a […]

TCC International Student Organization goes to the Oklahoma State Capitol

On April 6, the International Student Organization (ISO) students participated at the International Student Recognition Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City. On the marbled floors of the Oklahoma State Capitol, surrounded with students from over 44 countries, all studying in colleges and universities from around Oklahoma, the ISOstudents were there to promote […]

Gathering Place relaunches Discovery Lab

For those who have visited Gathering Place recently, there is a new addition. It is called The Discovery Lab. The lab is a children’s museum specifically for children, located at the Gathering Place. Alexandra Waetjen, executive assistant of Discovery Lab, said the Discovery Lab has been in the works since 2008. “The original site opened […]

Poor services of Expedia and airlines make travelers suffer: summarizing the struggles

(Editor’s Note: The opinion of the writer does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint or position of the TCC Connection and its staff. The facts shared and the comments expressed represent the experience and research of the writer.) This is an Opinion/Personal Column (Part 2). To read Part 1, visit here. I recently published a column […]

English as a Second Language program has built a good foundation for education within the last decades

Daniel Chaboya, director of English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Tulsa Community College (TCC), has been with the college for the last 19 years. Chaboya has a bachelor of science degree in marketing (Oral Roberts University), and amaster’s degree in human relations (University of Oklahoma), and he is passionate about helping foreign students to […]

Reporter’s Notebook: Which food to try when traveling in the former USSR

In the former Soviet Union, someone’s first stop to try local food should be at a supermarket. There is plenty of products at the stores. So, a tourist can be lost trying to make a choice. In this essay, an individual may find valuable advice on popular Russian, European and Asian food in Kazakhstan and […]

Reporter’s Notebook: Russian Non-Alcoholic drinks will keep you cool in summer

In Kazakhstan and other republic of the former Soviet Union, there are popular non-alcoholic drinks, which can greatly satisfy someone’s thirst in the hot summer. These are kvas, lemonade, and kompot. A variety of kvases and lemonades are sold at every supermarket or small shop in the former USSR. They have sweet and sour tastes. […]

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