Keystone Ancient Forest

An Adventure

The Ancient Forest in Sand Springs, Okla. provides visitors with a serene view and the fun of exercising and hiking in nature. The winding cement path leads the way through a calm forest with beautiful scenery that includes Keystone Lake, many 300-year-old post oak trees, and 500-year-old cedar trees. The first Sunday of every month is bring your dog day, where hikers can bring their canine best friends to the peaceful walk-through nature. The Art Hike is also held on the first Sunday of every month where the hikers walk through the scenic forest and can appreciate and create art while spending time outside in nature.

The entrance to the Keystone Ancient Forest. Photo by Chase Goza.

Immediately, upon entering one of the six paths that range from one mile in length to up to six miles in length, one is struck by the serenity that is displayed through the hike. The ability to get out and appreciate the wilderness is given here in the Ancient Forest. Renita, a volunteer at the Ancient Forest, had this to say about her time there. “Just the love of nature, being physically active in nature is the ultimate. Even being in nature if you are not being very active, if you are going for a slow walk or just sitting on the bench not far in, looking at the Gilcrease art piece, even that is amazing. We have the trucker chair that physically handicapped people can go out on a path in. It is out right now with a man who is physically disabled. We have all physical abilities, and we have everything from that little paved trail, all the way to a difficult three-and-a-half-mile trail. That is what I like about it, is the variety.”

The Art Hike begins at the Ancient Forest in Sand Springs, Okla. Photo by Chase Goza.

The preservation of the Keystone Ancient Forest stands as one of the largest remaining undisturbed examples of the Crosstimbers eco region. Which originally stretched from Kansas to San Antonio but has been destroyed due to deforestation over the years. Visitors are educated about Oklahoma’s unique Crosstimbers forest, and our state’s own history during their hike. With 12 miles of hiking trails amidst 1,380 acres (about twice the area of Central Park in New York City) of nature, the Keystone Ancient Forest is a local Oklahoman monument that inspires visitors to appreciate our environment.

Bring your dog to play on the first Sunday of every month. Photo by Chase Goza.
The path through the Ancient Forest. Photo by Chase Goza.
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