Metro Campus Success Center will be completed by summer 2022

Editor’s Note: The construction project is a developing story. TCC Connection recently received additional information on the subject. The article has been updated with the new information.

New construction began at Tulsa Community College (TCC) Metro Campus in fall 2021. Because of these changes, some services were moved to different locations on the campus. According to Jeannie Beatie, dean of Campus Operations, the Veteran’s Lounge and TRIO program are currently located in the Academic Building, and the mail room has been relocated to MC G23 (on the Ground Floor).

The first floor of the Metro Campus has warning signs to prevent someone from walking into the construction zone. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.

Part of the Metro Campus is surrounded with a fence, and an area has been dedicated for construction equipment and staging. As someone walks into the Metro Campus building, the student may see that a majority of the entire first floor has been closed for construction. For several offices, the elevator leads to the second floor where Advising, Bursar, and Financial Aid offices were moved.

Dr. Leigh Goodson, president and CEO at TCC, explained the purpose of the renovation, “It is critical TCC provide services to our students in a way that is not confusing or intimidating. Every effort to remove a barrier, either physical or financial, increases student success and the number of graduates.”

The architectural design of the Success Center offers a starting check-in point for every visitor and eliminates the rows of multiple counters for each department with individual lines. TCC Southeast and West campuses completed their Success Center projects earlier.

Metro Campus’ Advising, Bursar, and Financial Aid offices were moved to the second floor into the Student Union and by the “Imperial Cafe.” Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.

The Success Center is the second big construction project at the Metro Campus within the last few years. The first project was dedicated to improving food services and infrastructure at the campus. The “Marketplace” cafe by Imperial Cafeteria on the second floor is finished and stocked with drinks and sandwiches operating as a self-service store. The “Perk” coffee shop is located on the first floor.

Metro Campus’s “Perk” coffee shop sells a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, Frappuccino, berry drinks, and lemonade along with muffins, salads, and other baked goods. The “Imperial” restaurant offers healthy and diverse meals. The bookstore was moved to a different spot on the first floor of the campus, and visitors can currently access the store from outside at 10th and South Cincinnati.

The Metro Campus Student Success Center, named the Tandy Student Success Center, is funded with a $2.1 million gift from A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation. The contribution is included in the TCC Foundation’s $20 milllion Clearing the Pathway: The Campaign for Completion fundraising effort.

According to Nicole Burgin, media relations manager at TCC, the Hardesty Student Success Center at the West Campus is also part of the Clearing the Pathway: The Campaign for Completion. The fundraising campaign also includes creating a Student Success Center at the Northeast campus. The Southeast Campus Student Success Center was funded through Vision Tulsa, a package of development projects by the City of Tulsa.

At 9th and Boston Avenue at the front door at the TCC Metro Campus, the entry is surrounded with fencing during the construction phase. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
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