News Analysis: People’s Mental Health: A Talk

Chase Goza, editor at the TCC Connection, sat down with Madison Green, a counselor at Grand Lake Medical Health Center in Cleveland, Okla., for a discussion on mental health. Green’s specialty is counseling children, so an enlightening conversation on the state of mental health in modern times took place. Leading topics in health care, including the effect of social media and the affordability of mental health and healthcare, were discussed.

“Grand (Lake Medical Health Center) is always a great resource. They can come in and get any resources, we have a no-turn-away policy,” says Green on how individuals can get access to medical help. (Photo by Chase Goza)

Green explained how too much screen time can be detrimental to a young child. The computer screen takes away the time that a child should be using to socialize with others. There should be a healthy balance between entertaining a child with access to a portable electronic device and the child learning socialization skills. The dangers that horror movies, when shown to children, can cause were also discussed.

Mental Health counselor Madison Green notes that drinking water and exercising daily are some of the activities that one can follow to contribute to one‘s mental health. Before taking on any specialized diet or exercise regimen, one should consult with a physician to identify a personalized health plan. (Photo by Chase Goza)

Green suggests a better future will be one where America’s children spend less time in front of a screen and more time playing and interacting with their peers. COVID and its impact on the next generation were analyzed by Green who concluded, “I have seen an increase in negative behaviors. (I have seen) in the littler kids who may not have had that proper social interaction.”

 Green knows that “college is hard” for students. She encourages students to seek help if they need it. She recommends visiting the campus counseling center or reaching out to an instructor they trust for assistance in identifying college resources or other opportunities that may be available.

In a survey conducted in 2023 by virtual health service provider TimelyMD, seventy-one percent of college students reported dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and or stress while 50 percent disclosed this as their major issue.

     The average premium on health insurance for single coverage in 2023 was $8,435 per year, and for family coverage, it was $23,968 per year. Both averages experienced a 7% increase in 2023.

If you wish to receive counsel and advice on mental health and how to raise children for a better future, see the accompanying video to this article.

Before implementing any plan for one’s mental health or physical health, one should visit his/her personal provider for the development of a personal plan that best fits the individual’s lifestyle.

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