Preview of ‘Hairspray’: Be unique and dance to your beat

Ever pondered how it would be to live in 1960s? Well, let me introduce you to the Broadway’s Tony Award-winning ‘Hairspray’- an iconic musical comedy that will take you there. Iconic hair styles and dresses, an unstoppable beat and catchy music that will make you want to dance, and the bright scenery and setting will work its magic.  

‘Hairspray’ will be presented Jan. 2-7 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, 110 E. 2nd St. The touring musical production is presented by Celebrity Attractions.  

A critically acclaimed play, The New York Times said, ‘Hairspray’ is “fresh, winning, and deliriously tuneful!” 

The Broadway sensation is based on the 1988 movie ‘Hairspray’ directed and written by John Waters. After making its June 2002 Broadway premiere, the show swiftly gained popularity and garnered many more awards in addition to its Tony awards. One of Broadway productions with the longest runtime is ‘Hairspray.’ Now, to introduce ‘Hairspray’ to a new generation of viewers, director Jack O’Brien and choreographer Jerry Mitchell have brought the creative team back together for a new touring production.

Niki Metcalf, who plays Tracy Turnblad, sings “Good Morning Baltimore” from the ‘Hairspray’ Broadway play. (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

Although it has been a long time since its release, the theme of the musical is still relevant today. Recipient of eight Tony trophies, the play touches the themes of outer appearence, racial segregation and injustices in the 1960s, and social norms. The ageless classic promotes acceptance and love while embracing individuality.

The Tony winner for Best Musical category in 2003, the play will always resonate with people of all ages. Also, the play, a recipient of a Grammy award for its original Broadway cast recording, inspires each of us to embrace our personality and dance to our own unique beat. Shiny, joyful, and a grand musical not only rises the beat of your heart and makes you dance in the 60s atmosphere but also leaves an important message of standing up for others and embracing uniqueness.  


The musical comedy is set in Baltimore in 1960s and follows a story of a endomorphic 16-year-old Tracy Turnblad. Turnblad is a very talented dancer and wishes to participate on “The Corny Collins Show,” which organizes a nationwide dance competition. The unyielding teenager who faced many obstacles becomes famous overnight and shocks everyone for passing the first stage of the competition.  

Turnblad uses her newly found platform to stand up for racial injustices and challenges the current societal norms. The judgements on her and how she looks do not stop her from being brave and stand up for others, including her friends and her mother.  

Sadie Lee (Motormouth Maybelle) performs “Big, Blonde and Beautiful” from ‘Hairspray.’ (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

Will Tracy Turnbland win the competition? Where will Tracy’s bravery lead her? Will she find justice in the end?  

Join Tracy and her friends in this unforgettable, deeply impactful, and very musical journey. 

Start a new year with upbeat songs and joyful energy.  

Be ready to dance and sing with ‘Hairspray’ on Jan. 2-7 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. For ticket information, visit Tulsa Performing Arts Tickets or call (918) 596-7111.  

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