Review: An Affair of the Heart provides an opportunity to find something to love 

Last weekend, Tulsa craft lovers and holiday shoppers alike bundled up and made their way to An Affair of the Heart, a semiannual event that is known as “the largest arts, crafts, and boutique show in Oklahoma.”  

The event was, overall, more subdued than the Tulsa State Fair. Upon entering the SageNet Center building at the Expo Square, one noticed a quiet hum of interest percolating among the artists, sellers, and buyers.  

Even though the show took place before Thanksgiving, holiday decorations were for sale in abundance. (Photo by Sarah Ray)

Other booths consisted of vendors selling things like clothing, resale antiques, handcrafted items, jewelry, art, books, and food items. 

Stephanie Kirkland sells handmade items through her company Knits N Purls (a play on words describing knitting stitches). (Photo by Sarah Ray)

Some vendors, particularly the crafters, made and sold products simultaneously. Stephanie Kirkland worked on knitting hats and headbands in between chatting with customers. This was her second time at Affair of the Heart, although she has been knitting for 20 years and attending craft shows for 10 years. 

The Chris and Doylce Herman sell silicone plates and other tableware through their company Laughter & Living. (Photo by Sarah Ray)

Many vendors do not just come to this show, either. Doylce and Chris Herman have been to multiple craft shows in OKC and Tulsa this past year. The Hermans said their favorite part of coming to these shows is the “people that we meet, and the new ideas we get” from talking with others. They also said that repeat customers really help promote their products through word of mouth. 
This seems to reflect the general consensus among sellers that the interactions with customers are what keep them coming back.  

For a full list of vendors that were at the November show, you can find them here: Affair of the Heart Vendors

Affair of the Heart Website:  

Upcoming shows in 2023 are the following:  

Feb. 10 – 12 – Oklahoma City Fairgrounds 

June 9 – 11 – Oklahoma City Fairgrounds 

July 14 – 16 – Expo Square (Tulsa) 

Fun and witty signs like this one greeted customers as they perused the clothes available from a number of boutique booths. (Photo by Sarah Ray)
The show was a great spot for a girls’ day, as these two friends reflected. (Photo by Sarah Ray)
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