Review: Favorite moments of 2023 Tulsa State Fair

Food courts at Tulsa State Fair include dozens of restaurants, which offer sandwiches, fried potatoes, barbeques, lemonades, and ice creams. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

A jacuzzi seller shares how a jacuzzi works for customers. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

A landscaping company creatively presents arrangements of flowers, bushes, and rocks to attract the attention of fair goers. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

Candy Castle Maze store offer an entry point into a maze, where kids could pick up their favorite candies. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

Families and individuals enjoyed countless rides and a wide variety of entertainment at the fair. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

The cattle exhibition occurred at Tulsa State Fair 2023. (Video by Tatyana Nyborg)

Public enjoyed fun rides at Tulsa State Fair 2023. Nearly 25,000 Mega Ride pass wristbands were sold. (Video by Tatyana Nyborg)

The greatest attractions at the Tulsa State Fair include the fun rides. The vendors for the rides and concessions numbered more than 400 at this year’s fair. (Video by Tatyana Nyborg)

Tulsa State Fair 2023 offered fun games, shopping, and a wide variety of food. More than 130 food vendors registered at the 2023 fair. (Video by Tatyana Nyborg)

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