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‘I Can’t Play Harmonica’ features a seasoned musician engaging beginning performers  

On June 22, the McKeon Center for Creativity featured harmonica player Dave Bernston, a member of the Route 66 Harmonica Club and who has played and taught blues harmonica for over 30 years.   As a part of C4C’s “I Can’t” workshop series, Bernston was the headliner for “I Can’t Play Harmonica.” He shared the basic […]

Review: Beautiful performance of Tulsa Opera singers touches the hearts of viewers at the Center for Creativity 

The recent performance of Tulsa Opera singers at the “I Can’t Enjoy Opera” workshop changed someone’s opinion that opera is a boring art. Two opera singers and a pianist presented four arias at the Tulsa Community College (TCC) Center for Creativity on Feb. 24.  Maddie Breedlove, a singer and a Filstrup Resident Artist in the […]

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