Review: Larger-Than-Life and Life-Size LEGOS on display at Tulsa Botanic Garden 

Held at the Tulsa Botanic Garden this spring is Nature Pop, a series of statues made of LEGOS on display to visitors of the scenic garden. Onlookers of statues at the garden were regaled with folk songs sung by music duo “Two Crows for Comfort.” (Accompanying this article is a video with the sights and sounds of the exhibit at the Botanic Garden.)  

“It’s a big honor, all these people came out in this cold windy night to come together, listen to some music, and hang out. It feels very good. We travel all over the states. We play house concerts in bars, and outdoor stuff like this. It’s not always the case you that you get such a nice attentive and supportive crowd,” explains Erin Corbin, singer of “Two Crows for Comfort.” 

The statues, comprised of more than 800,000 LEGO pieces, were all built by artist Sean Kenney, who has a studio in New York. This is the first time the exhibit has been brought to Oklahoma, in a debut where the statues could be seen in their natural habitat amid the plants and hills of the garden. It is a traveling exhibit, so all the statues have interior frameworks made of steel.  

The pieces are then glued together and transported cross the United States. There are signs displayed alongside each LEGO animal statue that explain the science behind your favorite critters, making it an educational event for everyone to experience. The statues “pop” with their vibrant colors that draw in onlookers. 

The statue of a bald eagle by artist Sean Kenney was made with 22,200 LEGO bricks and took 77 hours to build. (Photo by Chase Goza)

“This is just a good way for people to come out. We are a non-profit organization, so all the ticket revenue comes back to support the garden, our operations and everything we do here,” says Lori Hutson, communications and outreach director at Tulsa Botanic Garden. 

The Tulsa Botanic Gardens Bands and Blooms and Sean Kenney’s “Nature Pop” display is available for the public to see through the end of May, so prepare for some easy listening music in the garden filled with LEGOS, flowers, and fountains. The garden will continue to host events in the summer. The Autumn in the Botanic Garden Festival begins in the fall, starts in mid-September, and lasts until the end of October. The garden will hold scarecrow contests, and pumpkins throughout the season. 

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