TCC Connection News – Shadow of Time Exhibit – Dec 2019 Broadcast

Abbigail Dean and Teriza West report for TCC News, The TCC Connection’s student broadcast on Dec. 5, 2019.

The Philbrook Art Museum welcomed artist Anila Quayyam Agha and her “Shadow of Time” installation to its mail level of November 10th.

The main installment of “Shadow of Time” is on display at Helmerich Gallery and includes Agha’s immersive award-winning piece “Intersections” and seven paper pieces. Agha also has two of her works in other areas of the Philbrook.

One piece is in the villa, and the other on the Philbrook Lawn. Agha stated that she was inspired to create a larger than life interpretation of her visit to Alhambra in southern Spain.

During her visit to Alhambra, she witnessed the people around her standing in awe and felt a sense of unity and belonging in that experience that became a driving factor in the creation of “Intersections”.

Out on the Philbrook lawn stands Agha’s “This is NOT a Refuge” piece, which speaks on the change in the United State’s social climate in relation to U.S. citizens becoming anti-immigration.

Some of Agha’s other pieces are also featured in the museum. The exhibit is currently on display and will run through February 16, 2019.

For more information regarding the exhibit, you can go to the museum website at

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Script – Teriza West

Voice Over – Abbigail Dean

Video Editor – Sam Levrault

Editing Assistant – Abbigail Dean

Music – Sam Levrault

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