Tulsa kicked it “Old School” on 918 Day 

“Hip-Hop 918: Kickin’ It Old School” held the second year of the festival following the inaugural event in 2019. The musical celebration, originally held in the spring, was moved to Sept. 18, also known as “918 Day” in Tulsa. This year’s performances included Steph Simon (World Culture Music Fest), Monie Love, The Sugarhill Gang, and special guests Melle Mel & Scorpio. The concert was one of several programs planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Guthrie Green. 

All photos by Sam Levrault. 

Steph Simon (r), creator of World Culture Music Fest, performs alongside a cipher of local rappers and musicians at “Hip-Hop 918: Kickin’ It Old School” as part of Guthrie Green’s 10th anniversary. Photo by Sam Levrault.
British rapper, actress, and radio personality Monie Love smiles during a performance on the Guthrie Green Stage. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Monie Love interacts with the crowd during the festival on Sept. 18. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Host for the evening, Playya 1000 (r), a rapper and producer from north Tulsa, entertains the crowd alongside his musical partner, The Deeksta. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Hip-Hop and music fans fill the lawn at Guthrie Green, singing, rapping, and dancing along to songs from the musical group, The Sugarhill Gang, whose 1979 hit “Rapper’s Delight,” a multi-platinum-seller, was the first rap single to become a top 40 hit on Billboard Hot 100. Photo by Sam Levrault.
“Hen Dogg” of the Sugarhill Gang gets the audience excited onstage at “Hip-Hop 918” on Sept. 18, 2022. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Hen Dogg of the Sugarhill Gang performs to the crowd at “Hip-Hop 918” on Sept. 18, 2022. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Master Gee (l) and Hen Dogg get together for a set at the “Hip-Hop 918” festival. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Old-School Hip-Hop fans dance during the evening’s concert in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the downtown park, Guthrie Green. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Old-School Hip-Hop fans enjoy listening to the songs from The Sugarhill Gang. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Wonder Mike (r), one of the original members of The Sugarhill Gang, shares many of the group’s hip-hop hits at the music festival at Guthrie Green. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Performers Grandmaster Mele Mel (l) & Scorpio are one of many acts to appear at “Hip-Hop 918: Kickin’ It Old School,” celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the song, “The Message,” which was originally released on July 1, 1982. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Rapper Scorpio takes center stage during the “Hip-Hop 918” music festival at Guthrie Green that celebrated its 10th anniversary on Sept. 18 as a part of city-wide celebration of “918.” Photo by Sam Levrault.
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