Tulsa Public Schools Celebrates Second Annual Hispanic Heritage Festival

Tulsa Public Schools recently hosted its second annual Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Gathering Place on Sept. 23. The festival was a free one-day event. Music and entertaining performances, local vendors, food, and much more were available to the public. It was a family friendly event. Anyone could go and have fun watching the performances or playing at the park.

The celebration of the Hispanic culture included entertainment, including performances from different groups ranging from singers to dancers. Several participating in this year’s event were Latin Dance 918, Ballet Folklorica Sol Azteca, and Latin Gaita among others.

Latin Dance 918 is a nonprofit organization that works on preserving the Afro – Caribbean and Latin culture by not only teaching but creating dance teams. The Ballet Folklorico Sol Azteca is a foundation that offers to teach dances for the children in the community. The Latin Gaita is a group of performers that is from Tulsa, and they specialize in Latin Music, they get everyone at the concerts to move. I highly recommend that you check these groups out on Instagram and Facebook as well as their websites to get more information on where they will go next. (The links are at the end of the article.)

The festival’s food selection was from different Hispanic stores and restaurants from around Tulsa. Some of what they served was Fresco’s Mexican Foods, Supermercado Morelos, Churro & Tamales, Peggy’s Flavors Venezuelan Food, and Sweet Tooth Desserts with Latin flavor.

Hundreds of people attended the Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Gathering Place, Sept. 23. (Photo by Devin Banks)

In addition to the entertainers and the food, a number of different vendors and organizations were located near the Boathouse. The Boathouse was a perfect place for people to grab a seat at a table and socialize with others. Several others in attendance were Northeastern State University, local bakery shops, and a vendor selling Ranchera dresses among other inviting options for those in attendance.

More pictures from the Hispanic Heritage Festival are available for review from the Tulsa Public Schools website. See Tulsa Public Schools – Hispanic Heritage Festival.

            For more information about the event, contact Margarita Vega-Trevino and Francisco Trevino at https://www.vegatrevinopr.com/

If you are interested to learn more about the entertainment at the Hispanic Heritage Festival, below is their contact information:

Ballet Folklorico Sol Azteca

Website – Ballet Folklorico Sol Azteca

Ballet Folklorico Sol Azteca – Facebook

Ballet Folklorico Sol Azteca – Instagram

Latin Dance 918

Website – Latin Dance 918

Latin Dance 918 – Facebook

Latin Dance 918 – Instagram

Tulsa Latin Gaita

Tulsa Latin Gaita – Facebook

Tulsa Latin Gaita – Instagram

The Ballet Folklorico Sol Azteca presented traditional dance during the Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Gathering Place, Sept. 23. (Photo by Devin Banks)

Tulsa Latin Gaita performed at the Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Gathering Place, Sept. 23. (Photo by Devin Banks)

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