City of Tulsa celebrates Pride month

City of Tulsa Councilors participating in the Pride Parade were (l-r) Kara Joy McKee (Dist. 4), Cass Fahler (Dist. 5), Ben Kimbro (Council Vice-Chair, Dist. 9), Elizabeth Tankard on behalf of Councilor Jeannie Cue (Dist. 2), Crista Patrick (Dist. 3) and Lori Decter Wright (Dist. 7). Photo credit: Sam Levrault
Parade participant rides on the pride float on behalf of Tulsa Community College. Photo credit: Sam Levrault
The Tulsa skyline is visible behind the festivities over the weekend. Photo credit: Sam Levrault
The parade concluded at the Dennis R. Neilll Equality Center on 4th Street in downtown Tulsa. Photo credit: Sam Levrault
Representatives from Tulsa Community College attending the Pride Festival were (l-r) Ramona Curtis, director of Diversity Outreach Programs; David Adams, director of Student Life, Metro Campus; Katie Norman, campus survivor advocate of SpeakUp/Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS); and Dr. Allen Culpepper, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts and Communication. Photo credit: Sam Levrault
The Lynn Riggs Theatre named after Oklahoman author and playwright, Lynn Riggs. Riggs is known for the various works, including “Green Grow The Lilacs,” the play was later adapted into the musical, “Oklahoma!” Photo credit: Sam Levrault
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